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Do you have emergency contact list set up in your phone?

Asked by imrainmaker (5777points) January 7th, 2017

Do you have ICE (In Case of Emergency) contacts set up in your mobile phone so that others can know whom to contact in case you’re not in a position to do so?

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Yes I have I C E and every Doctor i am seeing.

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I’ve had I C E on my phone for 20 years.

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I have both ICE and HUSBAND just in case.

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Yes. Apple has this Health app that allows you to set up a “Medical ID” that can be accessed from the lock screen. It has my medications, list of health issues, and contact info for my wife and doctor.

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I have “husband” and my favorites has people who would either know how to reach my husband or sister or at minimum know something about me for authorities help me.

In my last phone I had the health app all filled in but it didn’t transfer. I need to fill it in and I really should get a medical alert bracelet and account.

Also, my driver’s license has an emergency contact on record. I don’t think all states do that. I don’t remember listing an emergency contact when I lived in any other state but Florida. Some states might have added it since I lived there though.

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No. Is there some standard way of doing that (not on Apple)?

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Yep. ICE.

@Zaku ICE stands for In Case of Emergency. You just create a group called ICE and put your contacts in it. The first responders know to look for it.

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^^ Just to add to that there are apps available which shows notification even if screen is locked. You can save your profile like Blood group, medical conditions etc. along with emergency contacts with whom you would like people to connect in case emergency.

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