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What should I wear to a job interview at a dot-com?

Asked by genericwilliams (15points) July 23rd, 2007

I'll be interviewing with a major Internet company -- one that prides itself on being up on pop culture and hipness -- and I don't know what to wear (I'm a woman in my late 30s). The "power suit" I usually wear to interviews with more conservative companies seems too stuffy for this company.

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Dress as though you are going to a funeral.

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I would recommend calling the company to ask. Many technology companies have relaxed dress codes, but it varies on a company-by-company, and even a department-by-department basis.

My currently employer includes "wearing jeans to work" as a perk in of our job postings for engineering positions. The casual dress code is specifically mentioned to anyone coming in for an interview. If someone shows up in a suit anyway, that's usually taken as a sign that they're a bad listener and probably wouldn't fit well into our company's culture.

However, if someone was interviewing for a VP-level position or even a sales position, wearing a suit would be appropriate.

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Dress the way they dress AFTER you are hired. For the interview, funeral wear , as recommended by extol, is the way to go.

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for what it's worth, I work at a bay area non-profit where dress is very informal, often jeans and flip flops--and I still expect people who I interview to show up in a suit or at least a very business-appropriate outfit. I have had people show up to interviews in funkier/informal wear, and it made a bad impression on the hiring committee...

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I agree that the interview warrants more formal attire that they might wear on a day-to-day basis. However, I don't feel that "funeral attire" is the way to go.

You want to wear something that shows you are taking the interview seriously and that you are mature, but if you look too corporate or somber it could be a turn-off and they might think that you won't fit in -- especially if many of their staff are younger than you.

A suit is fine, but use some color or accessories to liven it up. Or even a nice dress or outfit that looks polished and put together, but not "uptight." Most importantly, you want something that you like its looks and comfort, and you feel confident and professional wearing. Good Luck!

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