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Which version of Fluther do you prefer?

Asked by imrainmaker (8375points) January 8th, 2017

Is it Mobile site or desktop version? Earlier I used to prefer desktop but mobile version seems more convenient.

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Desktop. I don’t have a phone, so mobile mode makes everything all big and you have to scroll down for like seven years before reaching the bottom.

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I prefer desktop because you have the option to look at active posts, but I only use mobile these days.

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Desktop, by a landslide.

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Desktop, even on my mobile.

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Mobile, but I wish it had a couple of the desktop features. Specifically,
• the ability to enlarge an avatar from someone’s profile (‘cuz they’re so purdy I wanna see ‘me big like) and…

• a list of Jelly names appearing when you type @ in the response field (‘cuz I have trouble spelling)

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I prefer the version where only the nice people answer.

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