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Will the Republicans get votes for cabinet nominations before the nominees are vetted by the Ethics Office?

Asked by LostInParadise (25371points) January 8th, 2017

The cabinet nominees are dragging their feet in providing the non-partisan Office of Government Ethics with the required paper work. Link Republicans have scheduled for this week votes for some of them. Are the Republicans going to be able to get away with it? It certainly seems as if they are trying to hide information. Remember that the Republicans previously tried to gut the power of the OGE.

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Since the Republicans have demonstrated a disregard for ethics, they will vote for the nominees without being vetted.

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They’ll try, but as @zenvelo said, they have broken every other rule, so I expect them to break this one too.\

What a colossal pile of slime.

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I feel that if Hitler claimed to be a member of the GOP; they would find a spot on the cabinet for him.

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It seems like they are just going to ram it right through. I read that they scheduled 6 of the hearings for one day; no time for real questioning let alone the prior vetting.

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One thing is rather clear. Trump’s elevation to the throne is the signal that the public will put up with nonsense formerly presumed unacceptable. The ethical warts openly affixed to Trump’s exterior emboldens lesser vermin to test all the limits around the boundaries of corruption. It should come as no surprise that the bugs suddenly appear to promenade in the middle of the well lit room as opposed to skulking behind the woodwork.

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@Tropical_Willie, they already found a job for him in the administration. Chief strategist and senior counselor, aka Steve Bannon.

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@Pachy You caught me . . . LOL

YUP that is the one.

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Most likely. The only persons able to hold them accountable are in the minority.

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@stanleybmanly, precisely true, exquisitely put !!!

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Yes, because rules don’t count when you are the winner.


Kinda like when KellyAnn Conway does not condemn Trump for his mocking portrayal of journalist Serge Kovaleski but instead says that Meryl Streep “sounds like 2014,” and reminded the actress that “the election is over” and “she lost.”

As I said, evidently nothing is bad or off limits if your side wins.

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@LostInParadise you link is lost so I can’t speak to what your specific concerns are over Trumps nominees, but from where I sit I have seen nothing but knuckle dragging by the Democrats as far as approving Trumps nominees. This is all in the Dems lap why the appointees have not been yet approved.

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My problem with his nominees is threefold. First, the majority are just more of the same, no swamp draining, just who donated the most cash. Second we have nominees who world views are polar opposites of the purpose of the agencies and Third you have those like DeVos who are totally unqualified for the position.

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