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I just asked a girl to a dance and she said yes. But about 10 minutes later a hotter girl asked me. What do I do ?

Asked by cjugalde66 (9points) January 8th, 2017


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Don’t get ALL SWEATY, dance with both of them with different songs.
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Dance alone.

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If you want to become a person you respect, go with the girl you asked . You must like her if you asked her and in any case, that is the only ethical thing to do.

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Say no, It’s not nice to ask one girl and then say yes to another girl. Especially to High school girls. If she said yes, she probably likes you and that’s just rude.

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You have to take the girl you asked. Be honest with the second girl. Tell her you’ve already asked someone, but you’re flattered and perhaps you can go to the next dance together. If she’s a nice girl, she will appreciate your decency.

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Take the girl you asked. Your gut instinct is that she is a good fit for you, since you asked her. If you thought the hotter girl would have been a better date, you would have asked her out first.

Going to a dance is not a contest to show up with the “hottest” date, it is about having a fun time with someone. Trust your first instinct, you’ll have a great time.

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Imagine for a moment it was in reverse. The girl you asked, asked you and you said yes because you like her and now some better looking guy, asked her out. What would you want her to do?
You would probably not want to go to this dance and what was suppose to be a nice evening with someone you liked turned out to be a horrible time of low self esteem.
If you ever did truly like her, you wouldn’t treat her like trash to be discarded.
You set your standard for your own self respect.
If you chose to reject number 2, then do as @Earthbound_Misfit suggest.

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How about you start by recognizing that “hotness” isn’t everything? Which of these girls do you enjoy being around more? Is one or the other interesting to you for reasons other than looks?

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You go with the first date. It’s the polite and mature thing to do.

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So what have you decided to do?

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To pick one is to hurt the other. Pick the one you like the most, it’s your own feeling, your freedom.

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Definitely the hot one! Truuuuuuuuuuuust me…

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Dance with both.

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Take the hot one on a date later after you take out the one you asked. Don’t be surprised if you like the first one more when it’s all said and done.

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I totally hope the hot one is doing that ask the ugliest person they can find thing.

And yes, I did answer your question.

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What do you do? You dance with the girl who said yes. You’ll go up in the estimation of both.

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Prom in January?

I suggest you turn the damn phone off and talk to people.

Dance with the one who says yes first, then the other one.

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If you asked the question, you know the right answer—the first girl, of course. “Hotter” is a cold reason to forgo kindness and civility.

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Go stag, go by yourself. That way you can pick up and hang out with any girl, not just the one you came with.

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^He already asked a girl to the prom. He has to take her. It would be rude to uninvite her now.
Also, what if he did go stag and no one would dance with him because he was a douche for not taking the girl he asked originally?

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I remember getting dumped right before prom by my date. I ended up taking two of my good friends who did not have dates. Not only did we all have a better time but I could tell the girl who dumped me went apeshit when I arrived with two dates. Second Prom I took a girl who had just beaten anorexia. It was a very big deal for her to be there in perfect health. I wish I had kept up with her. Prom is better with close friends or with someone you are in a LTR with anyway. IMO it’s not for random dates. You’ll have better memories of it that way.

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Suck it up, Buttercup. You asked the first girl, so if you have any interest in being a decent human being, you take her to the dance.

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It’s a bit like fancying one of the hot bridesmaids at your wedding, yeah she looks good but hey, my bride is all that matters to me, first come first served.

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What do you do? Grow up an be a man, let your yes be yes, ans your no be no. Don’t let the little head rule the larger one. The girl you ask can turn into something great while the hot girl might be just that, like hot grease in a pan and burn away with the last song then you would have nothing, and for what?

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@cjugalde66 You take the girl you asked. And you tell the girl who asked you, “thank you but I have already asked a girl”. There us NO substitute for the truth.

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@Nostromo He didn’t ask her to dance. He asked her to a dance. 10 minutes later, a “hotter” girl asked him to take her to the dance.

Be a gentleman. Take the girl you asked. If you don’t, you not only won’t be a gentleman, you’d be an asshole. See what devolves with the second girl another time.

Can I ask you in what way the second girl was “hotter” than the girl you asked?

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Explain to the hotter of the two that you already have a date, but promise her you’ll take her to the next one. Or on a date.
You must careful here: if the word gets out that you shunned the girl you were first asked by so that you could attend the dance with girl number 2, the sisterhood will blacklist you and you’ll be SOL forever.

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I love it when the OP asks a question and never comes back to the discussion. ~~

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He’s off on a date with the hot girl @janbb!

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^ And when he comes back, he might have some hitchhikers his doctor might have to get rid of.

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@Hypocrisy_Central, there is no evidence to suggest the ‘hot’ girl is anything but a lovely person. Your post is very sexist.

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After hooking up with HS friends on Facebook I learned all the guys thought I was hot. I did not know that. I certainly wasn’t promiscuous, and didn’t dress revealingly. Guess it was just the way I looked.

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^^ Your post is very sexist.
Sexist, schmexist, anything I say in these parts will always be something, if I said she was a nice Sprit lead girl who keeps her legs together then I am misogynistic, old fashioned, or I am giving a cut to those girls who don’t keep their legs closed, damned of I do, damned of I don’t….so…..bygones.

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First, you go with the one you asked. You already know this, or you wouldn’t have asked here.

Second, you don’t say a word to her about any “hotter” girl or how noble you were to reduce yourself to her level by denying the hot girl and going with your first invited date. That would make her feel even worse than being rejected outright, because she could get over her hurt in private instead of having her face rubbed in it all night, on what should be a grand night for her. Although … something tells me that if you follow my advice and the girl you take to the dance falls for you and you start a relationship … she’ll eventually wish that you hadn’t.

So maybe the best thing to do is to withdraw the invitation, stay home on the day, and think about growing up. Really. Anyone who is asking this question for real still needs to do a lot of that.

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@Hypocrisy_Central It’s like you to make assumptions about a girl, that she’s slutty and has STDs, just because of the way she looks, not because of any thing she’s actually done.

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Go with the first girl. Changes are, it’ll make the “hotter” girl want you all the more anyway.

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Take both of them to the dance floor and dance with all of them together trading off

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@bigkitty2454 He didn’t ask her TO dance. He asked her TO A dance.

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Because if we see you with another girl we also want to hang out with you. Its hard to explain. Just be nice to both of them..

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No me, and I’m a girl. If a guy asked me to dance, and I said, “Yes,” then a few minutes later I saw him with another girl, dancing, I would assume he was a player or extremely rude. He wouldn’t have a chance with me after that.

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