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What is this need of announcing to other people that you're not single?

Asked by Unofficial_Member (5107points) January 8th, 2017

I’m talking mainly about social media (Facebook, Instagram, etc). There have been many cases where people who aren’t single anymore putting their picture of ‘themselves with their SO’ in their profile page. It’s different case if they put it inside an album folder or such in their account, but no, they put it on their profile page (the first thing people see when encountering them on social media).

What’s with this need of showing the public that you’re currently in relationship? I understand that each person is individual and has different reason but seeing that many people are doing this I believe there must be an underlying main reason why they’re doing this. Apart from showing off, I can only think that one of the person is insecure and want their partner to show their picture together in social media so that other people will not get close to their SO which they have already claimed. What do you think?

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It seals the relationship. Once family and friends know it’s official. Its got more to do with letting the other person you’re serious.

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@ARE_you_kidding_me do mean that people who aren’t doing that are not serious in their relationship? What parents and friends have anything to do with how official one’s personal relationship?

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No. Again once you tell others there is no grey area on the part of the teller. It’s also an easy way to let everyone know.

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What @ARE_you_kidding_me said, plus some people just have the need to publicize their life more than others. It doesn’t necessarily mean that they want to show off, but they just have that urge to update their life on the net.

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Maybe they’re just happy. Or they feel it represents this part of their lives. I think you are overthinking this, @Unofficial_Member. Some of my friends have pics of their dogs. Others have pics of their kids. Still others have flowers or cartoon characters or sunsets. Mine is me and my offspring.

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I don’t have a “need” to tell people I’m married. If I snap a photo I like of my husband and me I might put it as my profile photo. A week later I might change it to something else. It’s just another photo. Usually, my profile photo is just me, and I would more likely put couple or group photos as my cover photo, but I don’t put too much thought into it.

I’ve been married almost 24 years. Pretty much if you get me, you get us. I don’t mean we go everywhere together or anything like that, I only mean he is always in my equation.

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It could be a number of reasons.
1. To let an old boyfriend or a creeper know you are taken
2. To get relatives or friends off your back who are always trying to set you up with someone.
3. Because you like the picture and it’s your facebook page and you can set it up any way you like. It’s not mandatory to even have your photo. I have my profile picture as my pup. I occasionally change it to other pictures that are not me.
4. The other person was in the picture but you came out fabulous and when you tried to cut them out, it looked weird.
5. Because you want the other person to see you are in the relationship all the way so it’s your announcement to the world.
6. Because you are afraid that the other person may have another girlfriend or boyfriend and you want all their friends to see you together, and spread the news. Now you will see if someone else pops up to tell you he or she is taken or in another relationship.
7. You are excited about the new romance.

I can only see this bothering a person who is afraid of being caught in another relationship or someone who is jealous of the person or their relationship. Frankly. I don’t care what photos people put up on their profile. I don’t stalk my friends. So long as they don’t put up an ugly photo of me or claim to be me. I don’t care.

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So that guys that I talk to will understand that I’m just being friendly out of friendship and nothing more (many guys have a hard time interpreting what friendliness from a woman means).

My pictures often include my SO because I usually take pictures while I’m out doing things, and I usually go out and do things with my SO.

It’s not about, like, bragging or something. SOs are a big part of people’s lives and social media is meant to reflect their lives.

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Because it’s a status i’m proud of & feel it belongs as a credit
Also, i’m unavailable, you can look but don’t touch otherwise the wife will have your guts for garters.

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As one who’s been single for 25 years and—happily—soon NOT to be, I never really cared to admit my marital status unless asked outright. NOW I can’t wait to say, whenever the opportunity arises, that I’m in a committed relationship.

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