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The ”100 item Challenge 2017 edition”, how well could you do it?

Asked by Hypocrisy_Central (26821points) January 8th, 2017

Several years under the bridge, it is a good exercise to revive. Way in the past I read an article of people downsizing drastically not only their possessions but the square footage of their living space. Physically it makes sense that the smaller space you have, the less stuff you can put into it. Somewhere around 2007–2008 (as far as I can tell) someone came up with the ”100 item Challenge”, where you reduce what you have to 100 items. There is no official formula but for clarity, an “item” would be anything that is part of a set, or need to be used with something else to make it useful, like the attachments to your vacuum, or makes something else useful, like a set of drill bits, or your monitor and your PC tower would be one unit, as they are useless without one other; the printer or scanner can be grandfathered in as well. A set of boxed in combination wrenches would be one unit, a collection of baseball cards, deck of playing cards, etc. would also be one unit or item. An outfit of clothes that are made to go together like a 3 piece suit is one item, but a leather trench coat that can be worn with many items cannot be included as part of any item of clothing, it stands alone. Jewelry is not counted as they take up no space and are worn usually, or in a case or box, which is the one item. Do you believe you could reduce what you have to 100 items?

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This is all my shit…..

I do have kitchen stuff but that is only a few plates and bowls.

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@johnpowell good god, man, take out your trash.

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^ I do not think that is trash but recycle.

Seeing those do not appear to be cans of pop, I guess that explains some of his other postings ~~~

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Yeah.. Those are cans of PBR. Funny thing is I can drink beer without creeping the ladies out.

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Well…..not that what ladies think has anything to do with the price of tea in China at least if you had to evacuate, you could get all your stuff on a pickup, in a cargo van, and maybe a commodious SUV. Beats having to think what to take or leave. I am sure you are not going to leave the PBR ~~ Har har.

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That would be easy if my books count as one item.
@johnpowell I use a similar chair and the fabric is peeling off in the same way. Very annoying.

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I think I could pull that off. I always admired minimalism and I’d like to embrace such a lifestyle once I get my own place to live.

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No chance. It takes way more than 100 items just to keep the house working. Tools, oil filters, lights, mowers, snowblower, oil, gas, antifreeze, tires, wood blocks, blade sharpeners, nuts and bolts, screws, epoxies, traps, plumbing supplies, drain pans, ....
That is just for the house.
Tools and equipment required for work projects are even more.
Maybe when I’m dead…

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I could do it. Once I moved cross country, and I scheduled the moving van to arrive a month later while I looked for an apartment. I rented a place in a few days, so for three weeks I had an air mattress, clock radio, a pan, a plate and plastic cutlery. Somewhere in there I ought an Ikea dining table and chairs. I was kind of sad when the truck showed up and I had a crapload of possessions to worry about.

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hahah no way

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I am actually working on reducing things like this now, although I had not put a number on it. For instance, yesterday, I picked some ten books off the shelf that I either have no desire to ever read, happen to now own a copy on my Kindle, or somehow ended up with two copies. I have so many books, and although if I am being honest with myself, most of them I will never part with, still I would like to thin them out a bit.

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If I had to for some reason, I would but have no need at this point.

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When I go on vacation, even to a place with a full kitchen suite, there may be only 100 items including my clothing, the kitchen stuff, the linens, etc. I often think how I could survive in a hotel suite if I had to, but for long term (like at home), it’s not realistic. To do a hobby requires a bunch of stuff (brushes, glues, etc.). As pointed out by @LuckyGuy, to have a house requires all sorts of stuff. Maybe if I were 80 years old and put into a little apartment to live out my last years, I could do it. Otherwise, no.

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My mom lives in a nursing home and has for the past 9 years. She probably has more than 100 things in her half of a room, depending on how things are counted.

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