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Please join me in wishing mamasu a very Happy Birthday.

Asked by marissa (2670points) August 7th, 2008

Tomorrow (8/8/8) is her birthday. She is a wonderful person. She is new to Fluther (yes, she is one of the exiled Askvillers). I want to get a headstart on her birthday wishes, in case she is too busy celebrating tomorrow to stop by here.

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Here is her profile.

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Happy Birthday Mamasu!

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Have a wonderful birthday tomorrow mamasu! {{HUGS}}

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Happy Birthday…and welcome to Fluther!

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Happy Birthday and welcome to the mad-house! Enjoy your twirl!

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Happy birthday!

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happy birthday Mamasu, it is good to see a friendly face.

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Mamasu! Happiest of Birthdays!

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WooHoo! Have a happy day!!

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Too cute. Thank you all. We’ve already been made so welcome and now this. I’m overwhelmed. Marissa, you really are my favorite twin. ;~)

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So what was the question? Maybe you all could PM each other birthday wishes.

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Happy Birthday, Mamasu!

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Aw, If I’d known, I’d have baked a cake. You’re lucky if you’re young enough to remember what you’re birthday is! Happy Happy!

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Happy Birthday Mamasu! I was going to give you a couple of fleas but my Human Pet thought that wasn’t such a good idea, and suggested TUNA instead.,,, I’m going to take a nap and let my tail think about that…..........

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Happy birthday mamasu! I still believe you’re funny!

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Happy, Happy Birthday, mamasu! Not only are you the coolest Mom, and coolest penguin, but you have the coolest birthday – 08/08/08! (I have to admit, all those round numbers make me very jealous!) Have a wonderful day!

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Happy birthday! It’s me.. HW&M… I’m back just in time to wish you happy birthday!

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Happy Birthday! Hope you have the best day ever!

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Happy B-Day!!!

I’m loving all the cute animal avatars from the newbies! :)

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Happy Birthday mamasu!

In the fine tradition of hospital gift…I give you my IV Pole! :) Thwap someone with that!

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Thank you so much everyone. What a wonderful way to log in today. Seeing familiar faces and being introduced to new is a great way to celebrate a birthday, if you ask me. I’ll try to use Cak’s IV pole wisely and only for good. ;~)

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I just want to pop in and say a big thank you to all you Flutherites

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Happy birthday! I’m so many old Askville friends are here along with our new Fluther friends.

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happy happy happy birthday! (tomorrow?)

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Happy Happy!!

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Happy Birthday, tomorrow!!!

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Hope you have a wonderful and Happy Birthday, mamasu!!!!!

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Hi sweetheart!!! It’s so good to “see” you. Have the most wonderful birthday….don’t forget to blow out the candle. Love you, Sweets.

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happy birthday mausmasu x3

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Happy Birthday! {{{{mamasu}}}}

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Yay, happy birthday! Have a great one!

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I’ve never heard of Fluther (??), but I surely know of the funny, sweet, smart, and all-around-great-lady mamasu. Happy Birthday to YOU!!

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happy bday dude…and many more!!

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Happy Birthday Mamasu!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Thwaps for all today and tomorrow I am sure :) You are an amazing person (penguin?) and I hope your birthday is equally fun filled and amazing.

To all on this board, I recently asked a when is your birthday question myself, so please feel free to add yours to that thread.

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I remember your last birthday on AV, Mamasu! Best wishes again!

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Woooo Hooo! Happy Birthday :-)

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You all are so fantastic. Thank you. I love seeing faces I haven’t seen in so long and seeing new faces.

Thank you so much for making another great birthday happen for me.

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All those 8s! You must be one lucky lady!!!

I wish you the HAPPIEST of birthdays, my dear, dear friend!

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Mamasu! I loves your name. Happy beeday!

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Happy birthday to you. Arooooooooooooo!

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Happy Birthday, Mamasu! We’ll celebrate, wherever we are! Woot!

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I’m so blown away. TheHaight, I’m digging your name too. Yes, RG, the 8s are lucky. Just look at all the blessings I have on this page. Lady Wolf, I have missed you and am thrilled to see you. Goldie, you name the place I’ll bring the blender.

Thank you all.

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can we have a party here?

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Happy Birthday Mamasu!!

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:) Mamasu, always use the IV Pole with caution!

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Happy Birthday Mamasu! (As usual, I’m late to the party)!

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Happy birthday, mamasu! Have a wonderful day!

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Wishing you the happiest of birthdays, Mamasu. So many greetings – must mean that you’re very special to a lot of people!

And thank you to Marissa for inviting me to Fluther :-)

Have a super day and eat as much birthday cake as you want!
Love and transatlantic birthday hugs from your Irish buddy in Germany…

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Happy Birthday, dear Mamasu! I know it’s late, but I hope that it was a fabulous day and that the year to come brings all the good things you’ve been wishing for!

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McBean – the birthday is actually today (8th), so you aren’t late :)

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Twenty-one is a wonderful age! Enjoy it while you can!


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As Stimpy would sing, “Happy, happy, joy, joy! Happy, happy, joy, joy! . . .”!

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Happy Birthday to you, Happy Birthday to you, Happy Birthday Mamasu, Happy Birthday to YOU!!! Hope you’re birthday is just as special as you are. Wishing you lots of love and thanking you for being my friend, and a friend to all of us on Askville, Fluther and Facebook. Here’s 21 THWAPS, in honor of your 21st Birthday!! <ahem>

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LOL. I love birthdays. Some people say it’s about getting older. I say it’s about celebrating that we came into this world and celebrating the many blessings we have, including the many wonderful people who share our lives. Looking at this page, it’s clear my blessings are many. Thank you all. This ‘21’ year old is a pretty happy penguin today. ;~)

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Happy 21st Birthday! Here’s to the coolest Mama I know! It’s been a real pleasure getting to know you! I hope you have a great birthday today!

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Happy Birthday to my lovable twin ;0)

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Happy Birthenday to you!
I’m a Leo, like you too!
Happy Birthenday! Happy Birthenday!
Have a great day, please do!

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Gang, it’s Seeker’s birthday too. Happy Birthday SeekerSeeking. : )

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hope you have a very happy birthday seeker and lots more to come.

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have a wonderful day

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happy birthday mamasue! (see I tracked you down—with the help of marissa—in order to stalk you and give you the farting penguin video again!)

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Truffles, you’re too funny. Thank you. : )

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happy birthday toooo yoooouu

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…you live in a zoo…you look like a penguin! and…..

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you “thwap” like one too!

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happy birthday to another Leo.

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Oh—to be so young again! Imagine, you’re not even able to legally drink alcohol yet!

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Ha ha! You guys are great. Thank you so much.

Marshall, I love that you keep me young. ;~) To have the energy of a 21 year old would be nice.

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Happy Birthday and please pass the TUNA!

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@mamasu: THWAP!

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Tuna?!? There’s TUNA here?!!

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Tuna AND fruit cups!

tedibear's avatar

Oh… can I have a fruit cup if I share this bowl of whipped cream with y’all?

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forget the tuna pass the cocktail.

tedibear's avatar

Shaken, not stirred!

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I’ll take a cocktail. Pass it over. ;~)

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Grey Goose Martini, please. And make it a little dirty.

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here ya go.
what does everyone else want?
I’ll take a Mojito light on the soda please.

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Gin & tonic, extra lime please!

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