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Are there any cartographers here?

Asked by Earthbound_Misfit (13152points) January 9th, 2017

I need to make some maps to document my research. I could do with some guidance about the best program to use (and how to enter the data on the map, how to organise my data to get the best effect). If there is someone who makes maps (or has made maps using software), I’d prefer to email you about this project.

Thanks for any help you can give me.

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What kind of maps?

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And what level of detail? County, zip code, street address…?

Google Maps will map right down to (I think) GPS coordinates.

Google Support – Import info to your map. You can pull lots of geographical info into a map all at once. Here’s how

7 Ways to Make a Google Map using Google Spreadsheet Data

Map a List – A 3rd party tool to make Google Maps easier

Microsoft Excel included an beautiful map-making option, through Office 97 or maybe it was 2000. I think it went down to zip code level. Basically it was just liked the built-in graphing tools, but instead of a bar chart or pie graph, it made a map.

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I’ve used ArcGIS, but it’s not for beginners. If you’re working on a project in a university setting, you may have access to support in your library or in your Geography department. You may find that the map you want already exists. At the very least, they will be able to connect you with a student who can do what you need done.

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I was booked in to do a course last year, but then Ollie got sick and I had to cancel.

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