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What is the difference between one foot squared vs. 12 inches squared?

Asked by RedDeerGuy1 (9738points) January 10th, 2017

One foot squared is one foot squared ; while 12 inches square is 144 inches. What is this error called?

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I don’t understand your question @RedDeerGuy1. A foot is 12 inches. One foot squared is 144 inches.

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@Earthbound_Misfit When you use feet instead of inches.

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There is no difference. It just two ways of saying the same thing. 1 foot equals 12 inches. 1 foot squared equals 12 inches squared. The size of it is the same.

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@Stinley Its not the same when you put it in an equation.

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It is the same.

The only difference is the unit that your result is in.

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1m is 100cm, but 1m² is not 100cm², it is 10000cm².

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I’m not sure what we are talking about now. @RedDeerGuy1 can you explain the problem a bit more? What is it you are trying to do with this?

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@Stinley I’m looking for proof that 1^2 (squaring) can make errors in equations. When different units are used. I’m hoping to understand and explain my idea or hypothesis.

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@ragingloli Pardon? I’m not entirely sure I understand what you’re going on about. Because I’m sure you wouldn’t be doing anything so stupid as mistaking the function to square with the unit of area. That would be ridiculous….But just in case

1m² is exactly the same as 100cm²

1m x 1m = 1m² = 1 square metre
100cm x 100cm = 100cm² = 10,000 square centimetres

The answer is the same but the units has changed but you convert square meters into square centimetre backwards and forwards all day. 1 square meter equals 10,000 square centimetres.

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It isn’t an error, it is an equivalent. One foot by one foot equals one square foot. One foot equals 12 inches. 12 inches by 12 inches equals 144 square inches.

It doesn’t equal 144 inches, it equals 144 square inches. Don’t forget that you are squaring!

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@all thanks. This question was fun. To bad that we didn’t discover any new math. Well at least we learned something.

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you need to go back to basic math class. seriously
cm² IS the unit for square centimetre.

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It is better to speak of square inches rather than inches squared, which is ambiguous. 12 inches squared could be (12 inches) squared, which would be 12 inches by 12 inches, or 144 square inches. 12 inches squared could also be 12 (inches squared), which would be the area of a 12 inch by 1 inch rectangle.

The mathematical notation is 12 in^2, but in this case it always means 12 (inches squared), that is 12 square inches.

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I see one as being 12 (12 X 1) square inches and the other as 144 (12 X 12) square inches.

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@ragingloli Yes. But you tried to suggest that there is no difference between 100cm² is 100cm ².

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There is no such thing as “100cm ²”.
If you want to square the distance of 100cm, you write (100cm)².

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It’s not an error; the units changed. We went from 1 foot to 1 square foot. We went from 12 inches to 144 square inches.

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@ragingloli so you you’re saying you cant change the units in an equation. I see. That make more sense.

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A square foot contains 144 square inches. Units are your friend.

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Yes. The difference is simply between units of measurement.

Side note.

The world could definitely use a universal measurement system. There aren’t really any hurdles, like with languages.

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There is. It is called “The Metric System”.

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For once, I agree with loli. The metric system is the bees knees.

Braces for the end of the world.

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The metric system is for people who cannot integrate experiential measurements into their consciousness.

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“One foot squared is one foot squared ; while 12 inches square is 144 inches.”

There is an error in units. It should be 12 inches squared = 144 square inches, just as 1 foot squared = 1 square foot.

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@ragingloli . Yes. I was jabbing my own country there. They were nice enough to teach me predominantly in the other system. I have an understanding of the metric system, but rarely use it…

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