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Do you favor a law that subjects high school students to random drug testing if they participate in extracurricular activities or drive to school?

Asked by cinnamonk (5345points) January 10th, 2017

This question was recently posed to high school students by a local newspaper, and I was wondering what you guys think.

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No I would be against it. I would be more in favor of affording students access to mental health support. Kids are under a ton of pressure both in school and out of school and I am more than just guessing that many kids could unknowingly or knowingly using drugs and alcohol to self medicate to deal with stress and anxiety.

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Yeah. Why not? The purpose of school is to prepare kids for life in the real world. More and more employers are doing random drugs tests so why not get people used to it while they’re at school.

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NO! This bullshit has to stop. When is the US going to stand up for their basic civil rights?! You know this doesn’t happen in other civilised, industrialised nations, right? You are meant to live in the land of the free, where all men are created equal, not supposed criminals, before any evidence is suspected, right? Remember the whole, Innocent before proven guilty thing? Why doesn’t anyone fight for their rights anymore?

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I’m against it. Kids are under enough stress and pressure.

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I am in agreement with all of you. I think it is basically age-based discrimination. I would not favor a law that subjects black people to random drug tests (for example), and I don’t see the difference between that law and the proposed one.

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No, for the same reasons I do not support parental consent for underage abortions. Just because a kid is still underage doesn’t mean they, as near adults, do not deserve their privacy.

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Nope. Unnecessary and over reactive.

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I am always doubtful just how ‘random’ these tests are.

My thinking is that if the school is going to do this, it does it for every kid in the school. Not just the jocks or the chess club or people who drive.

The other point is – suppose it comes back positive? What’s the school policy? Does the kid get expelled? If the school is going to test every kid, then there has to be a sane school policy to deal with what comes up.

In addition – what about states where marijuana is legal (California, Colorado, etc.) – could an 18-year old be tossed out of high school for a legal activity?

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Nope. It’s a waste of time and money. And it is none of the school’s business.

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Nope. Never. Violation of privacy.

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Based on my disdain for our drug culture, I’m inclined to say I think it’s a good idea. However, never having been a parent, I don’t feel qualified to answer. But I’m curious to know how jelly parents would answer if, heaven forbid, your son or daughter had been in a drug-related auto accident.

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@Pachy. What does that have to do with playing sports or going to a football game or the school play? Bupkus. And I as a parent (whose kids recently got our of high school) don’t want the school to be the ones discipling my kids for non academic issues.

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Either everyone in the school gets tested (and that means everyone) or no one. I’d vote for no one.

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I’m against drug testing in general.

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@Seek Agreed. If you suspect an employee might be working under the inlfuence yes, otherwise random testing no.

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Drug testing high school kids is dumb. At least if it for stupid stuff like weed and cocaine. However, I am fine with testing jocks for steroids since that is actually damaging.

And I am fine testing for everything if you are a fork-lift driver or a pilot. But a single care is not given if the burger-flipper is stoned since I like my burgers well-done.

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No, not unless elected officials are subject to the same random drug testing and the consequences are just as severe if they fail. Why do we have to abide by laws those that make them do not have to follow?

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No. Not random, but with probably cause. I’m tempted to agree to random testing, though. We have a huge drug problem in the States. HUGE. Ten years ago I would have been against testing kids unless they were caught red handed with the dope on them. But today my feeling is we either do something radical, or the homeless population will triple in a few years. These kids need to study and get some skills. The average age of the homeless population is getting younger every year due to lack of skills and they have no skills because a lot of them spent their adolescence stoned.

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