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Have you bought shoes from Amazon?

Asked by Hawaii_Jake (30384points) January 11th, 2017

I need new running shoes. I currently wear a pair of Asics running shoes and found a pair of Asics on Amazon I am interested in. They are significantly cheaper on Amazon than in the store.

I’m not too concerned about sizing since I have a pair of Asics. I feel confident they would fit.

I am concerned about returns. If there is a problem, how hard is it to return shoes to Amazon?

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Nope, I’ve never purchased clothing on Amazon, just books and the occasional electronic.

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Click on the item and add it to the cart it will tell you if the shoe is eligible for free returns. Some sizes and colors are restricted from free returns.

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I’ve not returned much to Amazon but when I have they have been very obliging and efficient. They usually allow 30 days to return the item and will refund postage as well if the item is incorrect or defective.

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I have bought shoes on amazon, and it went fine. My few returns to amazon over the years have gone smoothly too.

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No problem. I usually go through Zappos but I believe they are owned by Amazon at this point.

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In the meantime, I learned the shoes are last season’s model. The savings is not that big, so I will be buying shoes at the store.

When you live in Hawaii, the ability to return an item easily is very important when purchasing something over the internet.

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No. I only buy shoes at Goodwill. Except for tennis shoes.

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Shoes can only be returned to Amazon in unworn condition . So if you wear the shoes for a day or two and only then realise they rub weirdly, you’re screwed.

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I’ve bought loads of shoes from Amazon. Trainers for myself, my boyfriend, also boots and heels. They have all been great. I find in general their returns policy is tops.

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