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What are some things that be killed by by high heat and what can't be killed by freezing?

Asked by flo (11460points) January 11th, 2017

Bed bugs can’t be killed by freezing the furniture, for example, what else? And what (than spoiled food) can’t be killed with extreme heat?

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How cold and how hot? Absolute zero? 10 million degrees C.? You can kill bed bugs if you get the house hot enough.

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@kritiper I’m talking anything that’s related to lay people, and not just bugs. Also,I don’t mean artificial cold (laboratory) I mean the kind of cold people experience, or fridge or freezer cold.

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Yogurt bateria. They just don’t die in the freezer and disappear when you heat your yogurt.

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In Fifth Grade, they assigned the class to try to kill mold any way we could, telling us we almost certainly couldn’t succeed, but we would need to record the effect on what we did to our mold culture against a control dish of mold which nothing would be done to. My partner and I were the only team who succeeded in killing the mold, with a household device, sort of… a pressure cooker. LOTS of heat can utterly kill mold. Freezing, not so much.

There are quite a few things that can survive freezing, including, if I recall correctly, some fish, amphibians, and reptiles. Oh but more common household things… my memory of cruel childhood experiments is that ants will stop moving but can sometimes survive (but won’t always) a goodly amount of freezing. As in, if you put 20 ants in your freezer and then carefully let them thaw out the next day, some of them will tend to recover. But that memory is decades old.

In studies for sterilizing animal cages, the only technique (including various chemicals) that killed everything was fire. I’m not sure how that reconciles with my 5th grade classmates who tried fire on their mold and failed. (My guess is they probably didn’t use enough fire.)

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