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What do/did you do with old pictures of exes?

Asked by chyna (46339points) January 11th, 2017

I have wedding photos, vacation photos, etc. and I’ve been divorced for 17 years. Did you burn them, keep them, shred them or else dispose of them?

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Target practice. What else?

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It depended on the ex. With some guys, I had great relationships that ended without any rancor or bitterness. In those cases, I still cherish the experiences and have the old photos as keepsakes. With other guys, I wanted no mementos of ever having known them.

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I kept a few pics of my ex’s that are mostly group shots of crazy moments of my youth. My ex wife when she left me thankfully demanded she take the wedding album….why? I will never know. I have my college sweethearts 8×10 modeling head shot that is more of a trophy than anything. Her brother and his wife are my friends on Facebook and her face will pop up now and then in pics they post. All other pics were chucked as part of the “purge” that happened after each breakup.

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Saved one or two photos and threw the rest away.

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Still sitting in a carton in my garage. Love or hate, she’s still the mother of my kids, and they might want to have the pictures some day.

Frankly, throwing them out seems immature. The ex was an important part of your life once – heck, you loved the person – and dumping the pictures is like erasing history.

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I do not have any. I prefer chainsaws.

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Like @elbanditoroso, my photos of my ex are in a box in the shed. He might be my ex, but he’s my children’s father and our shared history is their history. I don’t look at them, but they’re there if my kids want them.

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All my “exes” are still dear to me. I kept everything.

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They’re mixed in with the others.

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I gave my wedding albums and other albums of photos to my daughter. After all he’s her dad even if he pisses her off a lot and I gave him the heave ho.
haha I’ve been divorced 14 years and I gave the last of the containers of photo albums and home videos to my daughter about 4 years ago now.
They were in plastic storage containers in my garage forever, time to pass them on.

Since you don’t have kids I’d just pitch them unless you want to scan a few and save them on your computer or a disc.

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I keep them. I don’t have to look at them but it never hurts to have them sitting in a box somewhere.

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I have the wedding album given to my parents. I am keeping it for the kids. The only other picture I have of my ex wife has my kids in it, and they look so cute, I will probably give it to one of them.

I have pictures of old girlfriends, some handy, some tucked away. Since I am on good terms with them, I have kept them.

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Use them as toilet paper

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I still have a lot, but I haven’t looked at my photos in years. Not sure why I tote them around from apartment to apartment, to be honest. Maybe next time, I’ll chuck most of them.

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I keep them. We had many good times together and I don’t want the kids to think there was any bitterness.

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I got married the 1st time in 1991 and we divorced in 1998. I still have any pictures we ever had in a big tote, including our wedding pictures.
I got married again in 2008. He knows I have those pictures.

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Ex bf – used for dart practice.
Ex husband – lost during move.

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I never had any, been spliced to the wife these past 25yrs & former relationships were fairly brief, no pics just memories of, well…shagging mostly.

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I kept the photos, so that when I am stressed out I get them blown up and then go to a friends secluded property and shoot them.

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I don’t have a lot of exes, and don’t think I’ll ever see any of them again. That being said, there are a few photos in storage bins along with other photos of my history that I haven’t taken the time to purge yet.

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