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How can I wake up fully?

Asked by RedDeerGuy1 (17704points) January 12th, 2017

I woke up early and am sort of awake. I drank some orange juice and had some leftover pizza. What else can I do? Should I drink more orange juice? Should I start drinking coffee and/or tea?

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Sleep long and early. Try to exercise as soon as you wake up as it’ll energize your body. Drink plenty of water will also make your brain more alert. Take a cold/cool shower instead of warm bath. No carb and too much protein in the morning, and definitely don’t eat too much.

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Do some simple cardio exercise.

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Stay off the orange juice, it will make you crash after the insulin response compensates for the sugar.

After you do what @Unofficial_Member suggests, go for a walk. Walk a couple miles.

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A dozen press up and a jog around the block will work.

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Why would you want to? Just be drowsy until your body catches up with you.

You don’t win any medals for waking up quickly.

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Go back to bed and sleep until your own body decides it’s enough of resting.

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You drank some OJ and had some pizza. Let’s estimate that at 500 calories, more or less. That is equivalent to walking about 7 km.
Since you don’t walk get up, get dressed and start doing something physical: Wash dishes, clean the fridge, do laundry, make sure your storm windows are down, toss out old magazines, organize your sock drawer, go shopping, ... anything that gets you moving.
Just move. Your body will love you.

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Stand outside for about 10 to 15 minutes with the sun to your face and take in some deep breaths while doing some stretches. Afterwards drink some water.
The sun is great for setting your circadian rhythm.
The stretches help warm up your muscles slowly (especially your heart) and get your blood flowing.
The deep breathing helps to give your brain the extra oxygen we need. Most people are shallow breathers.

The water helps hydrate you. Being dehydrated will make you feel lethargic.
Also if you are very warm in the house, it can make you sleepy as well. The cool air outside will be a quick shock to your body and make you want to move.

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Open your eyes, look up to the skies & see…

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I drink two cups of unsweetened hot tea in the mornings and have another cup after lunch. I drink iced tea during the day on the weekends. There’s no harm in it.

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Go outside, rain, snow or shine for a few minutes. I go out every morning with my 1st cup of coffee and sit for a few minutes. The morning air and light is invigorating even when it’s storming.

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Maybe some coffee or tea. Hot shower, and a short walk outside for fresh air.

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