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Which one of the movies in the following list do you most look forward to?

Asked by ragingloli (47241points) January 12th, 2017

and which of these do you dread the most?

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Most looking forward to Logan. What can I say, Hugh Jackman as Wolverine is damn good casting, and old man Logan is a good story arc. It’s the only comic book-gone-movie franchise I’m actually into.

Most dreading? Ghost in the Shell. Saw a preview for it at Fantastic Beasts. The only Asian people in the whole damn movie are the bad guys. It’s all sorts of wrong, on all sorts of levels.

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I was unable to view any of the movies due to bailing out in under 30secs because of those annoying fuckers who introduced them.

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I didn’t realize Underworld was different from Resident Evil… or maybe I did but forgot.

I’m having a rough time answering this question because I also can’t remember all the forgettable offerings.

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Ok, I went through it again.

Endless trash is right.

Dread the most? If I were to be forced to see them, or because I know I won’t be able to entirely escape knowing they exist?

Such a challenging question.

I know… maybe “if I were trapped on a very long plane flight, I might attempt to watch”:

Wonder Woman
John Wick 2
Blade Runner 2
Return of the Revenge of the War of the Planets of the Apes of the
Despicible Me X
Resident Underevil 8
Kingsman 2
Alien Covenant
Guardians of the Galaxy 2
Justice League
Power Rangers
King Arthur

Ones that look painful that I plan to avoid with especial effort:

Monster Trucks
Cars 3
Saw 8
Friday the 13th the 13th
Jumanji 2
Fast & Furious 8
Transformers 5
Smurfs 4
Annabelle 2
Spiderman Whatever

So let’s see… I guess I would probably “most” be willing to try John Wick 2, because it seems most likely to almost only be violence and so have the least plot to endure.

Hmm, worst… they all look so awful… um… so many flavors of apathy… I guess Smurfs 4 just because I have never had any interest in watching Smurfs.

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Whichever is free in Netflix, oh i don’t care either way…..

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Triple X, return of the Xander cage. Extreme skateboarding! Extreme edgy lesbian “That’s what she said” jokes! Extreme motorbiking! Vin Diesel is back in the most anticipated movie of 2004! Who wouldn’t want to watch that?

The one I dread is Ghost in the Shell. No no no NOOOOOOOOOOOO! Leave that movie alone, leave it! Stop destroying good things with your Hollywood bullcrap. I am seriously sad to see one of my favourite moves being destroyed.

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Thanks for saving me from the annoyance of watching the video linked in the OP.

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@Brian1946 Sure. I wished someone had done that too, but to for full disclosure, there were another dozen or so titles that I didn’t list because I was disinterested in them yet also not severely repulsed by them.

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