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What is your favorite Fluther under name comment so far?

Asked by EmpressPixie (14755points) August 7th, 2008

Oh, Fluther, you say the sweetest things! I’m glad you don’t think I look like a Chupacabra.

What is the sweetest or zaniest or just plain best thing you’ve seen under your screenname on Fluther?

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I don’t get the milkshake comment. Huh?

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“Don’t tell anyone – you’re our favorite.”


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You have that certain je ne sais quoi.

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I’m having a certain je ne comprende pas.

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@loser: lmao!!!!!!!
I’m glad I took high school French because that was classic.

Oh, to answer your question, I think they’re talking about the sweet little flatteries that appear above your name on the side of website (this is if your on the original wenbsite and not the iPhone formatted one).

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Isn’t this yet another repeated question.

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I like the one about the Chupacabra. LMAO

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Ms. Empress, Fluther is rich with History.

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@loser—“je ne comprends pas.”—

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@gail: Pardonez moi! I’m a bit rusty…

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flameboi – Pleased to make your acquaintance :)

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That was so bad it was funny! :D

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“Wow. You smell really good.” heh heh

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You have something in your teeth…left side. Other left. Got it!

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I’m just in time. (Is that Ed McMahon and his crew heading up the driveway?)

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OMG, I am laughing at the “have you been working out?” comment.

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I’m sure the novelty of this will wear off, but for now I am truly enoying these comments. My current favorite you ask?? “You’re glowing. Absolutely glowing!” LOL

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you’re glowing. absolutely glowing!
: 0)

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