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Will it be great if our pets outlived us?

Asked by imrainmaker (8360points) January 13th, 2017

That would mean we won’t have to go through the pain of losing them. Wouldn’t it be nice?

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You can get a turtle. Some live 150 years. Or a pet Cactus.

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But then they would have the pain of losing us.

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^^ i know some of them already do..that’s why mentioned in the tags specifically..)

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@chyna – next generation can take care of them..we can have a dog/cat with us from say our grandfather’s time.

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No, not every pet will adjust well in a new situation. My 2 cats now, one would adjust, he is very friendly and easy going but my little female siamese is a mamas girl, very bonded with me, fearful of strangers, quirky, it would be really hard on her to adjust to a new situation. She wants to be with me constantly, we are deeply bonded.

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and a few days after your death, she will start eating your face.

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@Maybe, but hey, I’ll still be providing for her then, right? lol

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Unless you have someone to leave your pet to, it seems quite selfish to leave your animal to die just because you were too afraid to lose it in your lifetime.

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Or, keep a pet vulture. Then they would eliminate burial costs, and probably won’t mourn you.

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@Patty_Melt Excellent idea. I’d be happy being tossed out in the woods for the predators and scavengers to feast on. I mean, after I’m dead of course, lol

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Get a young parrot. Teach it to say “I love imrainmaker!”

You will be remembered.

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Ha ha..I’m not that old..)

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Nah imagine all the piss & shite with no one to clean up, the house would smell like Ghandi’s flip-flop

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I love it when people create a foundation in their wills to support the pet in the style it was accustomed to.

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I take my words back..Young parrot can outlive me if it lives for 40–50 odd years which is possible.. Was just checking max age limits for different species and found below for Whales -
“Although this idea was unproven for a time, recent research has indicated that bowhead whales recently killed still had harpoons in their bodies from about 1890, which, along with analysis of amino acids, has indicated a maximum life span, stated as “the 211 year-old bowhead could have been from 177 to 245 years old”.
Amazing isn’t it?

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Jonathan The Tortoise Photographed In 1902 And Today

He may have already been 70 years old in 1902!

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@Call_Me_Jay That is so cool, wow, 182 or older. Man, I feel old at 57. Jonathon still likes the young female Tortoises, haha.

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