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What's the best song about offing yourself?

Asked by AstroChuck (37428points) August 7th, 2008 from iPhone

Hope there isn’t bad any karma associated with this question.
My favorite: Twilight Zone by Golden Earring.
On the flipside I like Don’t Try Suicide by Queen.

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Sing Me to Sleep by The Smiths (need I say more).

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Are you sad, Astro?

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astrochuck, we need you bro.

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Suicide Is Painless, aka The Theme from M*A*S*H*

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The world is mine by David Guetta, if is going to happen, at least I want to leave this world like River Phoenix did, at the top of the game, feeling like the world is mine :)

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@Astro Chuck, it has got to be “Alone Again” by Gilbert O’Sullivan, the very same song you nominated for most depressing.

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Thugz Mansion by Tupac Shakur (acoustic version featuring Nas)

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I really like pretty much everything on Streetlight Manifesto’s album “Everything Goes Numb.” The theme of suicide runs through pretty much everything on it. I especially like, “A Better Place, A Better Time”—in which the narrator tries to convince a girl not to kill herself—and “Here’s to Life”—which is about the narrator’s heroes and their connections to suicide.

I also get really sad every time I listen to Blink-182’s “Adam’s Song”

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It’s got to be “Seasons in the Sun” by Terry Jacks (well, actually by Jacques Brel, but recorded by Jacks). Enjoy.

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Jeremy, Pearl Jam

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@poof & charlie- Don’t sweat. I would never take your Chuckie away. It’s a beautiful sunny day in California and mail is light on my route today. Plus I’m going to Hawai’i in less than two weeks, so I plan on sticking around a bit longer.
@supernutjob & breedmitch- Seasons in the Sun? Alone Again? Yes, they are both depressing as hell, but they also both SUCK! Surely you don’t think those are the best songs about suicide, do you?
And did I really write bad any karma? Of course I meant any bad karma. Duh.

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@Chuckie: I was still young enough in ‘74 (and ‘75, ‘76, and ‘77) to fall for suck-y songs.

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Oh, excellent point about them sucking, I’ll going back to the drawing board, er turntable, er CD player….

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@breedmitch. Yeah, I was still young enough as well. That was about the same time as Billy, Don’t Be a Hero came out. And although it had nothing to do about suicide, I’m sure it led to a few.

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I thought this question read “What is the best song to go about offing yourself to?” and panicked, but I don’t believe that AC would do such a thing.

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Oh, and thanks a lot, supernut job. Now I can’t get Alone Again (Naturally) out of my head!

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@AstroChuck, at least I’m not the only one.

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Since your talking about the older songs, what about Ode to Billy Joe? He jumped off the bridge in the early 70’s. ( I thought that song sucked too, BTW)

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@Scamp, that song always freaked me out! I don’t think I’ve ever been able to listen to it from start to finish, it is just too creepy for me. Why in the world would Bobby Gentry want to tell the whole world about Billy Joe McAllister jumping off the Tallahassee bridge?

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Oh, I also like Rilo Kiley’s “Ripchord” which is about Elliott Smith.

“So come on kid, look at what you did
Don’t know if you meant it, but you did yourself in
And I was even having a good day,
when I found out we had lost you.”

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Gloomy Sunday. My favorite version is by Billie Holliday. It even has a history (urban legend) of suicide.

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Is The End of the World by REM about offing oneself? How about Another One Bites the Dust by Queen?

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In the end by Linkin Park, I cannot miss that one :)

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@supernutjob I know just what you mean! I always got creeped out by people singing along with that song. Another one is Starry Starry Night. It mentions Van Gogh’s suicide.

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I see an iTunes mix forming…

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Hold On by Good Charlotte

Adam’s Song by Blink 182

Weeds by Life of Agony I’m not for sure it’s about suicide but it always seemed like it to me.

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Does “Hey Man, Nice Shot” by Fillter, a song about a politician who shot himself live at a press conference qualify?

If not, I vote for “Stan” by Eminem.

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@ scamp: I love Starry Starry Night – I can’t believe I forgot it!

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“Milk It” by Nirvana or “Lift Your Head Up High ( And Blow Your Brains Out)” by the Bloodhound Gang.

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Oh Oh… Peace in the Valley by A3.

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“Now it’s time for you to get right and repent”
I love Alabama 3.

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@EmpressPixie I used to love Starry Starry Night too, but my brother killed himself, and it was playing on the radio in the car while we were heading to the airport for his wake. Now it reminds me of that time, so I’m not so fond of the song any more.

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‘One Way To Go’ by Wynn Stewart.
‘Sweet Old World’ by Lucinda Williams or Emmylou Harris.
‘Suicide’ by Proud Scum.

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1–800-Suicide by Gravediggaz
Suicide Note by Scarface

I can see I’m among those with different tastes then my own.

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Shivers, by Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds.

Link with ‘em all

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