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If you could add new features to Fluther, what would they be?

Asked by Berserker (33485points) January 14th, 2017

Disclaimer; I am well aware that besides fixing bugs and server issues, Fluther is not going to see any work being done on it. This question is not asking if we can get this or that.

Just for the hell of it, and no doubt it has probably been asked before, but what features would you add here if you could, or like to see added?

The eradication of lurve? A block feature? Signatures? Bullet points? A different background? Direct images in posts? (that’s what I would add)
And while we be at it, why not a “pirate english” language option like they have on Facebook? Yaaaar, mateys.

What about you?

Incidentally, I’m also wondering, are there any features here that not many know about? What are they?

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Please never images in posts. There aren’t enough mods to handle that. I would have to stop visiting at work.

I have been asking for some sort of <code> option to format text for nearly a decade. Something to preserve tabs or spaces and use sane quotes so copy and paste will work. But no dice. HTML provides it with the <pre></pre> tag. They would just need to whitelist it.

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Redeem cash or goodies for Lurve .

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I’ve mentioned this before, but I’d love to have the ability to save certain questions as ‘Favourites’. Things like “What good thing happened today?” I can never remember the exact wording of the questions, but there are some that I do want to revisit and then I can’t find them again.

In reality, I wouldn’t want the facility to block people to be added to Fluther, although there are people I’d like to block.

I’d like to be able to undo a ‘good answer’ a post for a short period of time. The number of times I’ve accidentally hit ‘good answer’ when I most definitely did not think the comment was a ‘good answer’ at all.

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Bin the lurve & the GA’s keep GQ’s because questions are the sites lifeblood & stand alone on merit.
Also, a blanket ban on all swearing, absolutely disgraceful, not big & not clever :D

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Things you may as well ditch:
“Just for you” and “questions for you” sections: no reason, it’s not working. Unless I’m being ignored or something. I don’t remember ever getting any notification that the ones I’m following asked anything (when they did, I’d see it on the main page), and if I remember well, some other Jellies mentioned the same.
Sound notification in chat: It’s not working.
Awards: following @ucme‘s steps, without lurve there is no need for awards either. When it comes to some of them, you don’t even know why you got them. They are all there to serve your ego. Similar to that: since there is a small, constant amount of members here, what is the exact reason for following?
“Ask Fluther”, chat, and “my account” entries are put on two different places at the home page. Some other features are also put on several different places. Why?
Does anyone ever visit the orphan and active sections? if not, why are they there?

Things you may as well add:
Image and sound/video file uploading. Why would you go to a different site to see an image that was supposed to be here? If it’s NSFW, you may as well add a “click to see” option.

I sound like an extreme nitpicker here, and the site would probably look way different like this, but you asked, so….

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@johnpowell I guess you’re right, say the direct image posting passed, no sooner than fifteen minutes and somebody would put up a picture of a dick or something. not excluding myself
Also it might create a lot of lag and slowdown for people with crappy pc’s or slow connections. But @Sneki95 has a good idea; a click here button for images. Although essentially that’s pretty much what we’re doing with links, so…

@Earthbound_Misfit About highlighting certain questions, with that I would spruce up the search feature. It really isn’t that thorough. For finding members it’s good, not so much when you’re looking for a specific question.

@ucme No swearing ban, of course. Everyone’s posts should be presented exactly as they intend, with nowt tekken out. you do know I’m never going to get tired of that, right? :D

@Sneki95 I agree. There are too many things here that are kind of useless. I mean, “questions for you” pretty much just dumps EVERY question that arises in one’s feed. Impersonal, and since all questions are there…might as well just browse the site as we always do. :/

Oh I’ve visited the orphans before, but most of these questions are technical subjects about stuff you could just get the info from specific websites. If I have a questin about calibrating my hdtv for example, I’m not gong to ask it here. In that sense the orphans are kind of useless, since thay’s mostly all they are. Car parts, programs, phones.

I did kind of like the “expert” feature on AnswerBag, where every section had one or several members who were highlighted in those sections. But that was mostly misdirected…I was the expert in horror movies. But that’s not because I know more on horror movies than everyone, but because I participated in that section the most. Still kind of neat though.

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