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What is the most cruel body modification you could perpetrate against a person?

Asked by ragingloli (47283points) January 14th, 2017

A Djinn emerges from a lamp and demands that you inflict a body modification upon a person of your choice.
The condition is:
you are to take duplicate a part of the body and implant it somewhere else on it, or inside it.

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Vagina nose or penis forehead

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Taste buds inside the anus.

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You people are sick.

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Just one person? I have a couple in mind where I would swap their anuses with their noses.

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Trump’s hair on any woman

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Cat grafted to the crotch.

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A penis right between his shoulder blades where he can’t touch it.

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Very cruel @Patty_Melt Poor guy in the mens room will have to stare eye to eye with the next guy in line at the urinal while trying to pee…the lines will back up for a mile. Though hugs with your honey may become infinitely better! ;)

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Pubic hair on face, even for women, and head hair down under.

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^^You mean a beard.

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