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Have you picked up a funny money saving trick from The World's Biggest Cheapskate?

Asked by Aster (20023points) January 15th, 2017

I love that show! Dumpster diving for dinner guests, picking up roadkill for dinner, methods to not flush the toilet for a week , etc. But one thing I admit to doing that I learned from the show is to use dryer lint for a cotton ball.
Have you a funny super cheapskate trick to share?

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When I go to a restaurant that gives you individually wrapped pats of butter, I try to take the extras home. Not if I’m with people who would frown upon it, but if I’m solo or with my daughter, and I have a doggie bag, I’ll throw the butter pats in, too.

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I’ve never seen the show but I do (at least) one silly thing. I burn my coffee grounds after I use them – twice. One coffee leaves about 10 grams of dry grounds. That amount in my wood burning stove is worth ¼ of a cent in heat.
That adds up to about 3–4 cents per week or $1.50 – 2.00 per year.

I am going to look for the show.

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