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Control zoom like mac in windows?

Asked by XCNuse (1197points) August 7th, 2008 from iPhone

does anyone know of a program that can do the control scroll zoom on a pc?

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For blind users? There’s several options in the control panel, or you can download iZoom, which I believe is freeware.

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He means when you press control and scroll in and out using your mouse.

I haven’t heard about anything like this for Windows though.

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This isn’t like the text zoom on a PC? (A la, ctrl + mousewheel up/down)?

It’s a physical magnifying lens for whatever portion of the screen your mouse is over? Because I just googled iZoom and the first result is an imaging resizing program: I meant specifically THIS iZoom –

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yes there is. if you are using vista, go to the control panel, click “get started with windows” in the top left. Then click “show all items” in the bottom left, and click on ease of access. Then “start magnifier”. I think there is another function where you can hold down a key and scroll but I dont know what it is. This may have been in xp though…

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the problem with the windows magnifying glass thing is the same issue it’s always had, it uses a portion of your screen, while all the rest is squished making it useless.

it’s okay if there isn’t one, i was just curious if there was, i figured out accidentally how to use it on my sister’s computer today and just thought it was nice when I was reading the small print on her 24” screen from her bed lol

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You can text zoom as Lovelocke said in virtually any browser so it’s okay for webpages, else where I do not know :)

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I had the same quest of finding a mac like zooming capability. And finally found more than I bargained for ZoomIT

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