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Do you think Jerry Yang is still capable of leading Yahoo!? Why?

Asked by augama (106points) August 7th, 2008
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Yahoo! is a real mess anyway. It’s like asking who should captain the Titanic tomorrow. They have no passion about their products, a splattering of different styles and brands, and a mish-mash of things that they’ve acquired. So many people lost a passion for Flickr as soon as you had to sign up for a Yahoo! account to use the damned thing. I’m not even going to mention Yahoo! Search or Answers.

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Yang is done. Once the public’s perception is as bad as it is, it’s too difficult to repair the image. Yahoo should just sell to Microsoft and re-tool. They still have one of the most recognizable brands online in the entire world.

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I dont really know the answer to this question. But can I just say that all the bloggers on the interweb who are saying that Yang is incapable to lead yahoo have no right to do so.Most people are overlooking the fact that he co-created quiet possibly one of the biggest sites out there. You have to give him credit for that. Yes Yahoo might not ever give the investors the same share price as microsoft did, but do the users really want everything to be owned by MS. Also Yahoo is still the number one mail provider, they have made some of the best acquisitions and still own a lot of really good quality websites like flickr, delicious, etc. Yahoo will survive in my opinion.

As for his leadership skills, I don’t see anything wrong with it. Most of us dont know anything about it like every other tech ceo’s leadership skills. All this bashing is based on the fact that he should have sold the company to microsoft. So now trying to remain independent is now considered as poor leadership instead of heroic.

@richard: They have no passion about their products – if you ever come to san fran, visit my friend laura who happens to work for and you’ll definitely change your mind on that one

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@mirza: Sorry, should have clarified… Yahoo! Corporate have no passion for their products. They’re all horribly disjointed.

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While I agree that Yang is a good executive, I just don’t think he’ll survive this mess. If Yahoo does not sell to MS, they need to do something innovative and maybe a little different than what they’ve been doing recently. In other words, they need to go back to being the old Yahoo that got them to where they are today.

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