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What are some reasons I think about this guy?

Asked by kittybearez (75points) January 17th, 2017

This one guy, let’s call C, has confused me about my feelings for him. I seem to only think about him at school which is strange because I don’t at home.

What I can’t figure out is why I think/obsess about him ONLY at school. I don’t like anything about him, and for some reason we both ignore eachother but even though that, I still can’t get him out of my mind when I see him. When I mean he is in my mind, I mean I notice where he’s at when he’s far away frequently but when I’m close up to him I can’t make eye contact or look at him unless he speaks to me.

I am looking for reasons on why this may be, even though I am the one asking and I am the one that knows him and me best, I do not seem to know and am confused as I don’t have much experience with “crushes”

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You can be just friends. You don’t have to date him.

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You need more time! But keep talking to him.

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You sound pretty confused and obsessed, to say the least. You don’t want to date him, you sometimes hate him and yet he is in your head constantly?
I vote for getting some mental health help. haha

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@Coloma I don’t want to date him, I just find myself always noticing everything he does and can’t make eye contact with him.

I say I hate him to get him out of my head, but it doesn’t work XD

I have edited my details alot and now I don’t see the edit thing but when I mean constantly I mean only at school ^^

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If you don’t like him. You don’t talk to him. Then it’s all in your mind. Focus on what is more important which is school. Leave feelings just be feelings. Imagine if you were to make this move and you don’t like it then you have been wasting all that time for nothing.
Don’t use your mind on nonsense and use it for better things. No one is making you think these things, but you. There is a name for people that have things on their minds in that way. They call them obsessive behavior. It’s not a good title. It can lead you to criminal behavior specially if the person is not interested in you. I have to remind you that being obsessed with anyone is not looked at by society as a stable person.
I hope you snap out of that attitude. Do it for your own benefit. People with that type of behavior and attitude are always on the ten oclock news where they go out of control. Also leave this attitude alone for your families sake. They will suffer if you go to jail.

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