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Why does the government of the United States need a surface to air missile system at the Standing Rock protest camp?

Asked by rojo (24159points) January 18th, 2017

Here is the story (or for those of you that believe that information from the The Daily Beast is “fake news” Here is the SAME AP story from Fox News).

Who, or what, the hell are they protecting here? This system is designed to take out cruise missiles, UAVs, fixed-wing aircraft and helicopters and the only groups in the vicinity that have this type of technology are the US and Canadian Governments and I don’t believe Canada is planning to attack us any time soon.

And if it is to protect an unfinished pipeline why is the National Guard charged with that task; something that you and I are paying for? Why not the pipeline company on its own dime?

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I’m inclined to think the Avenger system which includes .50 caliber machine guns, is not for incoming cruise missiles but for anti-personnel.

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Sounds like BS to me. The best place aside from Alaska for a anti-missile missile system would be in Seattle. And M-2 Brownings (.50 cal. machine guns) are for planes, missiles, trucks, lightly armored vehicles but not for personnel specifically.

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“Fixed-wing aircraft” can and does include Cessnas and other civilian-owned and operated planes.

I have no idea of the strategy, intelligence or tactics of the ND NG – or the protesters – but just wanted to respond to some of the perceived hysteria.

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Important point – the North Dakota national guard is under its own command unless activated by the Feds.

So the governor of North Dakota, who gets lobbying money from the oil companies, is sending the heavy equipment to ‘defend’ a state asset.

This is not the US Army making a national statement – this is some hayseed politician in flyover land calling attention to himself.

My guess is that the US Army is going to get word to the governor that this is inappropriate.

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@stanleybmanly 600 pound missiles for under fifty pound DRONES ????

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Who says they are or will be under 50 pounds? Who believes a 20 pound drone cannot tote munitions sufficient to wreck a vulnerable big StationarY installation?

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Okay, Drones the size of Airbus A380’s @stanleybmanly

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A long with the missiles and guns its also kitted out infrared which I’m guessing they might be using to keep track of what’s going on at night.

Possibly they just want to play with the big toy.

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The Beast article says the Avenger has night vision capabilities the Guard needs to spot drones at night and a heated crew cab that keeps the guards toasty in the below zero temps there.

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Another point is that if the NG is on site – for whatever reason – then the NG themselves are worthy of defense.

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Because the Russians have a vested interest in this project and they might interfere.

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So, for the night vision capabilities they put up a multi-million dollar lethal weapon of mass destruction? They couldn’t go to Gander Mountain and spend a couple of hundred bucks to buy a hand held binocular or monocular type?

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@rojo Show me a Gander Mtn night vision goggle that keeps a patrol of soldiers warm in sub zero temps at the same time

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Here is a relevant article. If such a law were passed, it would have unfortunate consequences for all forms of civil disobedience.

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I wish I could hear the NG wives when they were told. Ha ha ha!
“You have to go WHAT? Who’s the freaken winner who came up with that?”

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@quinpro1 Do you go to Mercer WI? Planning a Yuge fishing party in June.

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