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Which heroes do not deserve such a title?

Asked by Sneki95 (6997points) January 18th, 2017

Heroes that are the good guys only by plot demand, but you know damn well what they do is not heroic at all.
Not a villain protagonist: it’s made clear his ways are villanous. Characters that are obviously portrayed as heroes, but whose ways and moral you don’t see as heroic.
You may or may not take their side. (anti hero, for example)

No real life examples, please.

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Soldiers. They are nothing more than paid killers.
The Hulk. He is more of a wild animal than a thinking human. A slave to his instincts and rage.
Batman. He could solve Gotham’s crime problem by using his massive wealth on a political level. Instead he wastes his money on gadgets to beat up petty criminals at night.
Deadpool. Obviously.
Son Goku. He just loves to fight. He even leaves his enemies alive so he can fight them again later once they become stronger.
Vegeta, Prince of all Saiyajin. He just tags along so he can fight and defeat Goku in the future.

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The Punisher.

I loved John Bernthal’s portrayal of him on Netflix’s Daredevil, but he’s really just a killer. Sure, he only kills bad guys, but he’s no much better.

Most vigilante, anti-heroes are like that. Wolverine comes to mind.

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