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Can my dizziness be caused by q-tip use in the ear?

Asked by RedDeerGuy1 (16971points) January 19th, 2017

I can’t stop using q-tips in my ears. I have eargasms. Could damage from a q-tip cause side effects. Balance comes from partly in the inner ear.

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Depends on whether you pull out in time.

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I would say it’s possible if you have truly damaged your ear with one.

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Perforated ear drum and chronic otitis external are the primary complications

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Inflammation of the external ear canal.

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@janbb, that has to be one of your best one-liners ever. My compliments.

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Yes. One thing that can happen other than direct damage, is Q-tip use can interrupt the natural flow of ear wax, which can then fail to make its way out of the ear and build up and block the ear canal, as well as lead to ear infections.

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I have what my doctor describes as “really hairy ear canals”. Nothing comes out as the hairs trap the wax and my hearing deteriorates. Q-Tips get nothing.

The doctor has to go in about once a year with a water cannon to get stuff out. It is a miserable experience. Then he breaks out the metal hook and it turns into a fucking nightmare. I get so high on pills in the parking lot to be able to handle the metal hook. It is like a jabbing into my brain and so amazingly painful and you have to stay still or the doctor will stab your eardrum while scooping out wax.

Tried the candles. Garbage hippie shit.

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@johnpowell Use Debrox ear drops to keep wax loose. Tell the doctor to use warm water (makes it easier). Ask him to use a plastic loop if he has it.

And don’t use candles—you’re right about that.

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@Rarebear :: Shilolo suggested Debrox and I bought a bottle right away since it was 8 bucks and OTC. It unfortunately did nothing. I have been fighting this battle for 30 years.

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@RedDeerGuy1: If you have wax, you could be pushing the wax farther into your ear, not helping.

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@RedDeerGuy1 Have you seen an ENT? If I were you I would go to the ENT and tell him you would like some of the wax cleared out.

Does your dizzy happen while your standing up straight and everything is fine and then suddenly you get a dizzy spell? Or, does it happen while laying down, and you turn on your side, or when you get up out of bed, or into bed? When you tilt your head? If it happens while you are just standing up straight it could be anything from inner ear inflammation to neurological to blood pressure. If it happens when your head is to the side either from tilting your head or shifting your body position, then I think it’s positional and the Epley Maneuver might help. Your ENT can do the Epley while you’re in his office.

The positional problem is caused by “crystals” in the inner ear being in the wrong place. Part of what those crystals do is tell the brain where gravity is. When they are messed up, up becomes down and vice versa. The Epley shifts the crystals back into place.

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@johnpowell It’s not going to remove the ear wax—just make it softer and easier to remove. But if it didn’t work, it didn’t work.

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Ear drops don’t work for me either. I wish they did.

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I’ve heard Q-tips are bad news and so is a Doctor draining your ears out. Stay away!

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A doctor who knows what she is doing in ear irrigation is fine.

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My step son and ex have to get their ears rinsed out now and again. They shower infrequently so that might be the problem. The warm water helps and cleaning after a long shower seems easier for them. Warm olive oil dropped in was also recommended.
Your ears probably itch because of the dirt and wax. The q tips feel good but it sounds like you are doing some damage, like @Rarebear said. Stop it.

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I am dizzy as soon as I sit up from lying down. I am not dizzy if I am lying still. This is chronic and has been going on for three years or more. I once put a Q-tip in my ear to dry it and felt a sharp pain. I don’t remember if that caused anything at the time. I didn’t have it before then. I am constantly dizzy when moving. I need an answer. My doctor said he can’t see anything wrong. My hearing is good. I need to use a walker or hold on to something when I walk. I hope someone can help. I am also elderly. I have friends older than me who do not have this problem.

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