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Do you clear your minds daily?

Asked by Eggie (5865points) January 20th, 2017

I must admit that I am a very distracted person. I have done well academically but I could have been great if I was not so distracted and wondering about things all the time. I got into a lot of problems with this especially when I was working construction. I read this article about mindfulness and its techniques such as deep breathing and increasing sensitivity without allowing your mind to wander. Do any of you have the similar problem that I have and do you practice mindfulness daily? How do you cope with an overactive imagination and over thinking?

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I don’t cope with it.

It is almost scary how distracted I get. I can’t focus at all. I tried meditating, but it doesn’t work.
I’ve no idea how to deal with this, I wish I knew as much as you.

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I have the same affliction and also use the mindfulness tool to navigate my every day. I also start my day with a daily affirmation before I even get out of the bed….just a small goal of what I want from the day and or how I want to feel that day.

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Meditation is precisely for managing the mind.
The mind jumps around like a monkey in the consciousness.
The mind follows the breath and most meditation techniques use breath to calm the mind.
A goal of meditation is to transcend all the thinking that our big brains like to do, so that the consciousness is aware of the thinking but is distinct from it.

Also, drink less coffee if you usually have a lot.. :)

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I go with it. I gave up years ago in my thinking that it needed to be “fixed.” I can’t count the number of times I have blown past an exit just because my head was wandering. Only thing I hate is it makes it hard to focus on doing one thing when there are 10 others competing. I’ll have an idea for a song, painting, comic or short story while thinking about a better way to arrange the room. I’ll be working on a program and get an idea on how to cheaply lighten up my mountain bike. It all happens so fast that I usually never get to any of it and eventually forget most of it. It depresses me that there will never be enough time to do most of it also.

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I try (note, I said try) to do this every night before I go to bed because I am the world’s worst over thinker. I don’t have any specific methods like those mentioned above, but just try to think of things that relax me, which then (most of the time) leads to me drifting off to sleep.

At work I have found that I like using the different tools of Outlook and Outlook calendar to keep my mind as uncluttered as possible. As first I bucked against the idea, thinking my memory was sufficient to keep track of everything. I do have a very good memory, but I have now found that using Outlook calendar or something similar frees up your mind from constantly remembering everything you have to do. When my boss gives me a task that is not a one time thing but something he wants done every week, month, etc., I set up the event for the appropriate recurring time frame, and get a reminder when it’s time to do it again. This way I don’t have all of these random tasks floating through my head. Of course, most of the time I remember before the fact that it needs to be done, but when things get crazy, it’s good to have that backup reminder.

It’s funny, because various people at my job compliment me all the time for always getting my paperwork turned in by the deadline…and then I tell them that it’s mainly because every Tuesday (or whatever day), I get my reminder at 8:30 am to do such and such.

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I really should start meditating to retain my focus.

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I go through phases where I do. I try to meditate each morning before I start my day. I started doing this last year and then got sidetracked, but I’ve been doing it again since Christmas. I want to keep it up because I find it helpful and the habit of being more mindful, and learning how to clear my mind, helps me to deal with anxiety and to focus when I need to. I would recommend it as a healthy practice.

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