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How do you determine how to spend your free time?

Asked by jca (36062points) January 21st, 2017

Want? Need? Whim?

I always have the big dilemma: limited free time, so much to do and so much I want to do.

I’m out of the house until about 7 pm at the earliest, each night Monday thru Friday. I might be able to load the dishwasher or put in some laundry, but that’s about the extent of chores on a work day/night.

On weekends, there’s the tossup between doing stuff in the house (cleaning/organizing) and doing stuff I want to do (crafts, reading). Then add in errands (shopping, car maintenance). In the mix is just relaxing, which I do but feel guilty doing.

Today I was debating between attending a craft group that’s an hour away and meets once a month, vs. staying home and tidying up and organizing stuff. I’m attending the group but the house will remain neglected.

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With the exception of regular chores that I am responsible for, I simply do what I feel like to do with the amount of free time that is available to me. Sometimes tough decision needs to be made regarding two alternative of equal value but if you trust your feeling you’ll eventually pick the right one.

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I have a set hierarchy for my free time. Working out is #1 and I let very few things get in the way of my exercise. Then is my music….gotta squeeze in my guitar playing. Next is something creative, letting those creative juices flow is critical to my mental well being. Next and last in line are the inevitable chores.

In your case with the craft event that only meets once a month I would push that to the top of the list as you can always do chores at any time of the day or the week.

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cookieman’s hierarchy of free time

• hanging with wife & daughter
— doing whatever they want

• time alone
— reading comics
— listening to music/podcasts
— napping
— watching movies

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I feel zero guilt in relaxing, I used to in my younger years but screw that, time for yourself is critical. I like the saying that we are human beings not human doings.
I enjoy going out on a whim to do something, going to a movie, relaxing around the house reading or watching movies. Long talks with a friend or my daughter, just hanging out with my pets and cooking.

We are coping with days of stormy weather here so watching a lot of movies and cooking. I am going out in a bit to pick up a few things and make a crockpot of my smoked turkey sausage and cabbage soup this afternoon to share with neighbors later. :-)

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Mmm. Free time. What’s that?

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I typically feel guilty for wasting time but lately I have needed to do a lot of gaming to distract myself from political and health anxiety. I’m trying to learn to feel okay about myself no matter what I’m doing. It’s been a big challenge ever since my near death experience.

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I never feel guilty about relaxing and catching up on sleep.

I seek out things I enjoy. I Zumba, and see shows, go to meetings, watch TV, I do a variety of things in my free time. I think that’s the key for me, the variety. Trying new things and getting to do the things I traditionally enjoy. I live in a place where the majority of people do what they want all day long every day. There are hundreds of activities.

I have more free time than the average person. When I was working full time, which most often was actually 45–50 hours a week, I mostly collapsed at home and did little else.

In terms of house cleaning, my house is consistently not pin perfect. I don’t care. As long as it’s organized within reason I’m fine with it. I do care that it’s clean, meaning kitchen and bathrooms clean. Although, dishes sometimes do sit through the night if I’m tired.

Having a made is very helpful. I have had one here and there through my life and the massive cleaning once every week or every two weeks is great. I organize, do laundry, and put away while the maid cleans everything and the whole house is cleaner in general every day. Then I find I have much more time for fun.

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