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You only get to say one word for the rest of your life, which one?

Asked by Ltryptophan (10902points) January 21st, 2017 from iPhone

If you only had the ability to say one word, which would you choose?

You can repeat the word as frequently as you like. The only rule is you can’t say anything else.

For the sake of figuring out which word you’d choose please ignore the technologies, and techniques that would allow you to work around any speech condition.

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No. Or help.

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Back when I was in high school I spent a lot of time in the school library. There was another guy there a lot, a couple of years older than me, who had long hair and wore John Lennon-style round sunglasses. I’m really bad at remembering names, so I just called him “Dude”. And he started calling me “Dude.” And we were both dorks sitting in the school library reading or playing cards while other kids had social lives so basically all of our conversations morphed into various tones of the word, “Dude.”

“Dude.” was Hello
“Dude..” was That was the bell. Later, man.
“Dude!” was Hey, you were out for the last three days. Nice to see you!
“Dude?” was What are you reading? That looks interesting.

We had full conversations in Dude.

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More. food, sex, drugs, rock-n-roll, money, hot water, massage pressure. lol

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Much like @Seek‘s “Dude”, it can be used for copious monosyllabic conversation.

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I think some of you might find it rude or not understand. It might fall into that great chasm that divides British and American English.

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runners up list: love, why, ow, please, no, understood, omg, nudes, tomorrow, perfect, almost, really, hopefully, leave, come, see, look, there, this

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This sounds like what Pokemon could do… lol. Anyway, I’ll choose “Ahh… ahh.. ahh…” (the sound of someone moaning in pleasure).

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I can just see @Darth_Algar ordering in a restaurant.

” What can I get for you sir?”


“And would you like to order a side dish as well sir?”


“Very good sir and what would you like for dessert?”


“Would you care to order a glass of milk with your boobs sir?”


“Very good sir, I will check to see if we have any boob milk to accompany your entree.” lo

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(That would be a nice break from the one word I seem to use most often now. This past week has been full of F-bombs)

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Marflar and smurf.

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^^^that’s three words.

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“Smurf” is a good, utilitarian word, but its value lies solely in being able to be used with other words.

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Hey, @YARNLADY, I like that one!

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^^I don’t see it, nothing about her says “leader”

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I’m thinking the daughters are more likely suspects.

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