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2010 looms ever closer, and so, it is at this time that the community has to put their sexual frustrations aside and help decide the next stage of Grilled Cheese Evolution!

Asked by Lovelocke (1609points) August 7th, 2008 from iPhone

I’ve been around the world and have discovered that despite language, country or culture, the Grilled Cheese Sandwich is the most accepted sandwich… And it has appeared in a variety of tastes as well!

The best Grilled Cheese sandwich I’ve ever eaten came from the Al Bustan Hotel in Sharjah. Lightly buttered bread, chopped bacon, fresh sliced tomato and Havarti cheese.

Is this better than the typical cheese and bread only sandwich? I think so. I also think we here at flutter seriously need to throw down a list of neglected recipies in an attempt to find the supreme sammie.


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yep, what the fluther!

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I believe that a grilled cheese sandwich should be just that – a grilled cheese sandwich. I don’t want bacon and tomatoes on mine (although I do love both of those). I definitely butter mine though, but only on the outside, the side that touches that pan.

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that’s called a bacon sammich, not a grilled cheese.

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@Allie – If it were up to people like you, we wouldn’t have the Emancipation Proclaimation nor a woman’s right to vote.


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Wow, what a creative question. You managed to put sex into a question about a grilled cheese sandwich. Aren’t you special.

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Velveeta cheese melted between 2 soft lightly buttered pieces of Bunny bread = heaven.

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I want what you’re on!!!

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Can I throw you in between two slices of bread? :D

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Lovelocke I love your views on culinary ideas.!!!

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Lovelocke: What you’re talking about isn’t a grilled cheese sandwich. It’s a grilled cheese, bacon, and tomato sandwich. I don’t want my queso with other ingredients (not on this sammich anyway). ;-)

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Hey whatever you like i’d have to agree, anyway enjoy your manwich. you deserve it a meal fit for a man.

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Go Allie , Go Allie

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What is bunny bread!?

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it hops away when you try to eat don’t worry though use your mind:)

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I ♥ when my mom makes me grilled cheese. Extra mayo!

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I have to say, lovelocke, your questions leave me like “wow” everytime. thumbs up!

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I hate the tuna melt! Grilled cheese with tuna, yuck!

Best grilled cheese like sandwich was in Venice. Panini with Italian ham, mozzerella and provolone. I think of that sandwich often…mostly because I no longer eat meat and I miss it a lot!

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shame on you, but that sounds like a heck of a good sandwich the panini.

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by the way its called fluther not flutter you cheesehead

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(Looks up… Comes back down)

I type an an iPod faster than some type on keyboards on occasion, the spell checker “corrects” when I don’t intend it to.

Fluther isn’t on it’s priority list for correct, common spellings.

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OK. It’s *its; , (remember the possessive and keep it holy.).).) (Punctuation for you, PupnT.)

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Velveeta on white bread is good, with bacon is better, but my personal favorite is rye bread with swiss cheese… yummm

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swiss?? okay i personally like mozzerella, with parmesean-romano cheese….auhhh (sorry i can’t spell the sound homer makes when he drools) :)

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