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Are you going to Track Trump?

Asked by Cruiser (40421points) January 22nd, 2017

I am and so are a group of techies who have started a web site to Track Trump

They have created a line item list of Trump’s major promises and will track and follow Trumps progress or lack there of. Are you tracking Trump and what are your expectations and or hopes that he succeeds or fails and why.

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Part of me wants to, but honestly, any sustained amount of attention to politics effect me negatively. I do not need the stress quite frankly.

I’d rather put my energies into more positive endevours.

I would love to be surprised and see him do a good job for all, but I have very little hope based on his actions thus far.

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I will have him in my crosshairs at all times.

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Nope. I can’t think of a worse way to spend the whatever time is left to me.

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I’m sure CNN will track him for me.

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@chyna I have my own metrics I will follow concerning what Trumps does or doesn’t do. CNN and the link I offered both are armed and ready to highlight his failures over his success. The Trump Trackers threw all they had at trying to derail Trump during his primaries. I just don’t get why anyone who lives here would champion the failure of their own President whether they voted for him/her or not.

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Everyone knows your “metric”.
You will ignore all his failures, deny the negative effects of his actions, and pretend that his blunders are actually good things.
Just like you will make excuses/justifications for his press secretary openly threatening to curtail freedom of the press.

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Yes I will be keeping track. There is no sense in protesting unless you know what he is doing.

Here are the promises I expect Trump to keep:
1. Lower corporate taxes and lower taxes on the rich
2. Withdrawal from economic pacts and higher import tariffs
3. Industrial deregulation, allowing for fewer safety standards and higher pollution caps
4. Fewer protections for minorities
5. Much higher surveillance of U.S. citizens
6. Restrictions on immigration from Muslim countries
7. Extending the Mexican wall at the cost to U.S. taxpayers
8. ACA will either be scrapped or will discriminate against the poor
9. Closer ties with Russia
10. Withdrawal from Paris climate change agreement

I anticipate that the economy will grow at first and will tank after a few years, due to wealth being transferred from the rich to the poor and higher prices coming from higher tariffs and general trade disruption. I also expect that national debt will increase considerably. I don’t expect, but would not be surprised if Trump is involved in a major scandal that could force his resignation.

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The Trump Trackers threw all they had at trying to derail Trump during his primaries

That was so unfair when they reported the words he said!

LOL clown.

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I don’t plan on keeping track. I have plenty of people in my life that share with me little things they have found about his future plans.
I guess the womans march probably put the nail in the coffin on this program. You know. Because women dared to speak up.

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If Trump were a man I could admire with policies aimed at creating a better world I would follow his promises enthusiastically. Unfortunately this is not the case and I hope he fails to fulfil most of them.

What concerns me more are Trump’s attempts to silence a free press and through dishonest and populist rhetoric to take America down the road to fascism. That is something we should look out for. It can’t happen here? Don’t you believe it.

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@flutherother Just my 2 cents….I do not believe Trump is trying to silence the “free” press more so than making an attempt to neuter them for their unabashed bias towards untruths during the primary and presidential campaigns. This is why he tweeted so much as no news agency can filter and manipulate his tweets to both his followers and detractors. Faux news will be there strictly for those who are gullible and wanting enough to consume said fake news.

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unabashed bias towards untruths…Faux news will be there strictly for those who are gullible and wanting enough to consume said fake news

And the Oscar for irony, willful ignorance, and lack of awareness goes to…

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“And the Oscar for irony, willful ignorance, and lack of awareness goes to…” anyone who voted for Hillary and thought Trump was merely a cheeto to be mocked.

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You should fact check him first.
Just because he said he did something doesn’t means HE did it !

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How’d he do with the list of things he promised to do on Day One?

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@Cruiser It doesn’t matter what ‘reasons’ Trump has for trying to silence (or neuter) the free press the point is he shouldn’t do it. He swore last Friday to defend the Constitution of the United States and this includes protecting press freedom. His presidency is not getting off to a good start.

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It does matter, what reasons. Freedom of the press does not cover irresponsible reporting.

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Calling a lie a lie is not irresponsible reporting.

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@flutherother There in lies the problem….you conflate “free press” with news sites with clear agendas to advance and promote. CNN & MSNBC et all are the farthest you can get from fair and balanced.

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Typical fascism. And oh so predictable.
Redefine what qualifies as free press.
You will be among the first to cheer for Trump’s future “Ministry of Truth”.

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I’ll be tracking him like I do any president: in a sort of half paying attention way. Too much politics is bad for my mood.

I want to track him to know if he does make moves that are bigoted and scary. I’m not assuming he will, but enough people see this as a real possibility that I take it seriously and will keep a watchful eye.

I want to see if he does anything to limit abortion. I’m hoping he ignores this topic altogether, but the problem is the republicans in congress probably won’t.

I want to know what he is doing about healthcare coverage. He has given some mixed messages. What I expect is him just leaving the whole thing open to the free market. What I hope is he does something specific about the cost of healthcare, because he talks about Americans being robbed by the insurance companies and other big players in the medical system, but I have my doubts. Big doubts. I think he is incredibly naive and dealistic on this front.

I’ll be watching to see what he does regarding Israel.

I’ll be curious to see if he vetoes some of the crazy shit I expect the republicans will try to pass regarding civil rights issues.

I’m nervous about what he will do to public schools. I was encouraged when he interviewed Michelle Rhee, but he settled on a woman who makes me incredibly nervous. I already signed a petition against her.

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No, I don’t have time for that. I’m not an American anyhow. I just visit the USA often. I’ll let my American friends keep up with President Trump. Most of them voted for him.

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In this thread = free press only counts when they say what I want to hear.

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@Darth_Algar I yearn for the years of Walter Cronkite

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Not tracking but i’ll be looking out for comedy gold from the trumpster as he, in that respect, is the gift that keeps on giving.

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@Cruiser He is still a cheeto to be mocked. A title doesn’t change who a person is and always will be. It just made him President Cheeto.

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@Pandora Can you offer up a reasonable reason or two why you feel our President needs to be mocked? Why do you have such little regard for the next 4+ years of your life? A you independently wealthy?

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@Cruiser You would have shouted in anger at the TV when Walter Cronkite didn’t support Nixon and the Vietnam War.

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@Call_Me_Jay I truly doubt it…I was 6 years old and heavily invested in Mighty Mouse at that time.

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You “yearn for the years of Walter Cronkite” when you think that sounds admirable. And deny any knowledge of Walter Cronkite when it doesn’t.

Sad. And dishonest.

I know you aren’t a bad or hateful person. In non-political discussions you are generous and friendly. Remarkably generous and friendly, better than most of us.

You need to expand your horizons and get outside of the AM radio/conservative blog/Trump pronouncement bubble.

I say this in all earnestness. You are better than this. You have proved so over the years.

I’ve been on the site since (I think) 2009 my previous handle was JayTKay

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@Call_Me_Jay I have a degree in Radio TV and Film. I spent over 4 years studying Walter, Edward Murrow and the likes and consider myself expert on what qualifies as reporting with integrity and honesty….something that is sorely lacking in today’s corporate shit soup that is served to us on a daily basis. You comment is simply assuming despite your claim to rubbed elbows with me here since 2009. You don’t know me and I can say with certainty I do not know you nor will I ever embarrass myself to claim I do.

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I tried.


The door is always open. Feel free to stop in.

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Yes you tried @Call_Me_Jay You tried to strong-arm me to succumb to your own POV…while I do respect your POV you apparently cannot afford me the same.

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I say “you are generous and friendly. Remarkably generous and friendly, better than most of us.”

You say “You tried to strong-arm me”.

The door is always open. Feel free to stop in.

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“Sad. And dishonest” Thanks but no thanks…not in a hurry to get a passive aggressive door slammed in my face.

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@Cruiser So you are you saying that only independently wealthy people can mock him? You know there are a list of reasons to mock him. You just refuse to admit it to yourself. But just for starters lets start with him draining the swamp and putting in 5 Goldman Sachs people. One that is responsible for reverse mortgage, or what I like to call, taking advantage of old people. As soon as one old person dies, the house is lost. So if the house is under grandpa name and he dies before grandma, she gets kicked to the curb. But you know. You believe in Trumps and kelly Ann Conway version of “alternative facts”. Her words not mine. Bet you were just filled with respect for President Obama over the last 8 years.

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You don’t know me

I do know you, from Fluther. You have a reputation and a history.

I don’t know where you live, except you’re on my mental list of fellow Illinoisans.

Many years ago as JayTKay I asked a question and you sent me a nice note offering a sample of your company’s product. I didn’t need it but said my brother, who builds museum displays, might be a customer already.

I am speaking plainly and in earnest when I say, “You are better than this. You have proved so over the years.”

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@Pandora Your answer is exhausting as your comments do not even come close to speaking to what I have offered here.

@Call_Me_Jay You know Cruiser that is as far as you can go to knowing me.

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@Cruiser Another anecdote – I came here after spending time on other forums, where the tone was much harsher.

Early on I made a nasty comment criticizing you. It was a Chicago residents vs suburbs issue. And you disarmed me with a welcoming response, brushing off the negativity and inviting friendly discussion.

It was a big moment for me. It was a well-deserved slap. I often try to emulate that simple refusal to engage. You set a great example.

You aren’t the same guy today. It is disappointing.

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@Call_Me_Jay I remember that moment and your disingenuous counter attacks here are not of the Jay T Kay I remember and followed. Time to perhaps time to try and find common ground other than we live near each other.

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I am not disingenuous. And I try to criticize words and behavior, not people.

It’s a hate the sin, not the sinner kind of thing.

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I’m not tracking Trump but I pay attention to the news. I listen to and read “traditional” news such as the NY Times. I don’t usually trust news from sites that are shared on places like FB unless I fact check, especially if it’s something that sounds really crazy.

I’m worried about Trump’s plan to move forward with the Dakota pipeline. I’m worried for our national parks, because once you take beautiful forest land and put asphalt and dig pipelines, it’s spoiled forever. Once the water is fucked up, it’s fucked up forever and then who pays when the people cry that they need bottled water and can’t afford it? Us, the little guy tax payer.

I’m also concerned about Social Security and Medicare because those are things that I’ll be needing in about fifteen years.

I’m also concerned about whoever he puts to lead the Dept of Education, as I have a 9 year old who attends public school.

As the mother of a daughter, I’d like her to have freedom of choice should she ever want to get an abortion. Of course I hope she never has to make that choice, but it’s nice when there are choices available that don’t involve coat hangers and being prosecuted for murder.

I’m not poor and I’m not rich so I’m right in the middle and this all concerns me.

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And the extra fucked up thing about trying to revive Keystone XL – there’s a reason why it died fairly suddenly with barely a whimper: not even the oil producers want it anymore. The whole purpose of it is to transport oil from Canada’s tar sands. But production of crude is up in many places around the globe (including the US), prices are down, and so extracting oil from tar sands just isn’t profitable enough now.

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^^That’s what thought. I thought it was decided it wasn’t practical, but I really don’t know much about it.

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Trump claims to have sold his stock in the company involved in the pipelines but has offered no proof of such and he has not mentioned the stock he owns in Phillips 66 which will be an owner in the pipeline. And his choice for DOE head, Rick Perry, is, or was until last month, a Director in Energy Transfer Partners (the company pushing the pipeline) and Sunoco (also involved) and also owns stock in both companies. ETP also provided large sums of cash to Trumps campaign and to the RNC. Article
Rex Tillerson, Trumps Sec. of State, still maintains his stock in Exxon and while Exxon is not “directly” tied to Keystone, it has substantial holding in the Canadian Oil-sands fields and stands to receive substantial benefits from the construction of Keystone. I would also be interested to know how much Exxon stock Trump has.

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“Draining the swamp”

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