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What are the Republicans and Fox News saying about Donald Trump's inaugural speech?

Asked by JLeslie (59808points) January 23rd, 2017 from iPhone

I’m curious if they saw it as a speech calling to unite the country.

Most of what I’ve seen on TV is that the media felt the speech was dark and nationalistic. I do think it had some nationalism in there, but I heard him say (I’m paraphrasing) America is first, but we don’t want to harm other countries. That he wants to unite democrats and republicans and be a leader for all Americans. I felt like his speech was aimed at his supporters who showed up for him in person and were tuning in on their TV’s.

I felt like the few minutes he spoke at the statuary hall was directed at the people in the room. Acknowledging Hillary and complimenting her, and the people in the room gave her a standing ovation. I’m pretty sure a lot of them were republicans.

I would not have characterized the speech as dark if you had asked me what I thought right after hearing it. I do wish it had not sounded so adversarial to other countries. I don’t think it did from my perspective as an American, but I saw right away how it would be interpreted that way, and so I thought that was a mistake, or more than a mistake, a bad idea.

He spoke a lot about giving power back to the people. I don’t hear the media talking about that.

Here is a link to the speech.

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Given that was it was such incomprehensible babble that even skilled translators had difficulty making sense of I wouldn’t be too surprised if you get a number of different opinions on what he was trying to say.

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They say it was a very forceful, strong speech with no sugar coating . It was not incomprehensible. It was very, very clear, direct and for most easily understood.
@Lightlyseared , were you not able to make sense of it ?

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As far as the speech from a Republican POV all I hear is how amazing and direct his message was. Make America Great again rah rah blah blah blah.

This morning Joe Scarborough a conservative Republican ripped Trumps speech pretty aggressively in how Trump failed to acknowledge Obama’s historic Presidency. Joe is very unhappy with Trump so far.

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Trump should have called attention to Obama’s Nobel Peace Prize that he got for..what did he get it for?

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Most of the comments and commentary I have heard from the right about the speech have been positive. Words like hope, magnanimous, unity, strong, intense, powerful, straightforward and inclusive are common.

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I think the problem was that he calls for unity but is currently appointing people that he claimed before were the people who controlled Washington and appoints unqualified or people with suspicious connections to positions that will have a big effect on the poor the most. His Treasury choice has a very dubious past of making millions out of ripping off retirees and the poor.
My point, I think the problem is his speech says one thing but his actions and previous positions thus far says another. Inauguration speeches never amount to much anyway. Its like watching a wedding. The couple vows to love and respect each other always and honor each other, but a few years later you won’t recognize that same couple. Why because neither of them or one of them, never intended to compromise and listen to their partner. They just wanted everything their way. Or one had idealistic ideas on how they would live in harmony forever without difference of opinion.

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It might be difficult to discern it from any point of view with that nasty horrendous tea tagger slant to it.

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@Aster Theres a meme where dumb jock has to give a speech doesn’t know what to say so just starts chanting “USA USA” in the hope that everyone will join in and not notice he has nothing to say. That was Trumps speech.

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