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Can Ctrl-Alt-Del be hacked remotely?

Asked by RocketGuy (11616points) January 23rd, 2017

Or is keyboard input the only way to do it?

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Depends on what you mean by hacked. If you’ve got a remote connection that allows key input, or automation, or remote terminal, then certainly.

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@Zaku Has it!
If you have let someone “log on” to fix or repair a software issue, that person/connection can do anything on your computer. In some cases they can “wake-up” your computer on the LAN or network.

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It can. I ctrl-alt-del remotely every day.

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LOL. This is trivial with something like ctypes.

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What is the end goal that you need to achieve by CTRL+ALT+DEL ?

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Just wondering if someone hacked into my router, could they log into my computer and take over.

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If they get into your router they can set it up to let themselves right in. They don’t need cnt-alt-del either.
If you configure your router remotely don’t use telnet!
Never leave a connected router in its’ default status.

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My brother in law gave me a router a long time ago. He told me I didn’t need to set up any security/password. No long after, I started getting virus entry attempts. Turned out a neighbor had been mooching my bandwidth, but worse, he went in and locked me out of my own router. How rude! I set up a simple password and WEP, but he hacked that too. Now I use WPA2 with a long password. No problems since.

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Wep should not even be a feature on routers anymore. Did you make the AP name “you kids, get off my LAN”?

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