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How would you describe Fluther?

Asked by Espiritus_Corvus (17232points) January 24th, 2017

Humor, seriousness, fairness, unfairness, honesty, animosity—all welcome here on this thread.

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When I describe it to my friends, I say it was a Q n A site,that evolved a debate forum.

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It is like a family reunion. Everybody belongs even if you wish some had not arrived.
It is loyalty, bickering, catching up, and making up.
There is fun and activities for whoever chooses to participate.

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Willful ignorance.

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It’s a bit like an online bar but without the alcohol. Well most of the time anyway.

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Old, boring, cranky, intolerant, liberal with brief moments of brilliance.

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One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest & i’m Randle McMurphy
Only I don’t die & can escape any time I like, if only the fun wasn’t so satisfying ;-}

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For the few people I tell about it to, I say “it’s a question and answer site where you can ask a question, answer a question and participate in debates. Any question from a technical question to a cooking question to an etiquette question.”

I would also describe it as “intimate” since it is intimate at this point. With only about 40 regular users, we all know each other pretty well. When I see someone’s avatar, I often know who they are without seeing their name. When I hear certain questions, topics or phrases, I know before I look at their name who they are. When a Jelly brings up how irked he is with cell phone usage, I know it’s probably our Canadian trucker. When someone said “gah!” I know it’s very likely the gal from the Calirornia mountains.

I would also say it’s relatively civil and it seems to be a more intelligent site. Text speak is for the most part, not tolerated. Spelling, grammar and punctuation are important.

I’d also say the site is easy to navigate.

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That’s harder than it sounds.

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An interactive Q.& A. site of diverse participants held to high writing standards and good behavior. A stimulating community with a good balance between the silly and serious.
Very open minded and tends towards a more liberal bent but all are welcome.

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Like a school class.

You’ve all kinds of students here: jesters,valley girls, zef kids, jocks, artists, nerds of all kinds, stoners, transfer students that miss obscure cultural references, pirates, cooks, weaboos, goth chicks, skaters, and those quiet kids that sit in the back row. There are idiots and geniuses, manchildren and wise kids, assholes and awesome people. Being a class of kids with no homeroom teacher, cliques, bullying, and quarreling are a given. Still, the self building ecosystem somehow functions, in this isolated oasis unda da deep blue Internet sea.

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It’s a group of jellyfish. It’s also easy to mispronounce.

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It’s like an old relative that I occasionally visit and enjoy myself alright when with them, but then I forget about them for a while.

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A place that sounds better than it actually is. There are no really experts in all fields and some good questions are never answered in real depth. Monitors are overly sensitive and delete some good comments that they deem off topic, inappropriate, etc. too long to list. It is very cliquey but denies this fact. So they moderate and delete stuff from some people but nor from others that are friends with them. I love the idea of the site but in reality cliques and bullying abound under the “watchful eye” of moderators.

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This place is like the online vampire community, but without any goths.

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@Berserker Yeah, we’re just a bunch of incestuous fanatics jerking each other off according to one old member that bared his fangs yesterday. lol

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So random but it reminds me of this quote from Day of the Dead; are you tryng to find some way to get us out of this deep shit we’re in, are you all just in there jerking each other off!?

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^LOL good quote.

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