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When (if ever) is Flipbook lite coming out?

Asked by fortris (680points) August 7th, 2008

I just read the details for flipbook again and have noticed they replaced te “Try it free with Flipbook lite before you buy” with “In a hands on review, called flipbook…..” Does anyone know if they flat-out cancelled it or just delayed it even further? Because it coming out by tomorrow is great news, and it NOT coming out is great news because I can go aheard and buy it.

And WTF’s up with Netshare? Is it going back up or not? Nullriver barely EVER updates their site.

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Hi there, this is Josh, the developer of FlipBook. FlipBook Lite is in the AppStore queue, waiting for approval. We were getting questions asking where it was, so I removed it from the description to avoid confusion. I didn’t realize that when I updated the description for the FlipBook 1.0.1 update I submitted earlier, it also updated the live description for FlipBook.

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The app looks great and I love everything with one exception of the framerate (the reason I’m waiting for the lite version) could you try ,if possible, to bump the framerate up to 24 FPS or higher? If you do I will not hesitate to buy it.

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We’re definitely working on higher frame rates. As of right now, when you upload your movie to (you can mark it private so that no one else can see it, btw), there is a field to change your frame rates to whatever you want. But let me point out that 24fps means a 5 second movie needs 120 frames. That’s a lot to draw on your phone with your finger, and I have yet to see any movies that really play back better at beyond 12fps. Truthfully, the main people I hear the 24fps (or 30fps) request from are people who haven’t bought the app and think they want it :) But like I said, we do hope to offer it for those who really want it.

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I guess your right about the frame limit. But I guess I would primarily use this to rough draft animations to later make them in flash. But if you are working on higher framerates, then I think I have a 95% chance of buying it. The 5% is in case the lite version dosen’t impress me, but that seems very unlikely if its just as advertised :)

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