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Whats up with Nullriver's Netshare?

Asked by fortris (680points) August 7th, 2008

Seriously, I can’t expend upon the basic question. They never update their website! All it reads is a story 2 days old saying their “working with apple”. Anyone got any facts/rumors?

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Well they are working with Apple so I guess that’s what’s coming of Netshare, you could just do it with jailbreaking, I think it’s a lot easier with going into mobile terminal, running the socks proxy and setting up an Ad-Hoc network between your phone and the laptop.

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Isnt it back in the app store now? I bought it after the initial pull, it was put back up the next day. I’m in Canada, and tethering is permitted by the carrier here, so that may be why.

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It’s not back in the App Store. No one knows what’s up with it. Nullriver isn’t saying anything, so everything else is just speculation (and there’s a lot of it out there).

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AT&T and iphone terms and conditions state:
Furthermore, unlimited plans (except for DataConnect and BlackBerry tethered) cannot be used for any applications that tether the device (through use of, including without limitation, connection kits, other phone/PDA-to-computer accessories, Bluetooth or any other wireless technology) to laptops, PCs, or other equipment for any purpose.

So if they want to remove it it seems they can but if they are going to allow it in the future still remains to be seen

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@Stocky Well, the real queston is whether App store applications are bound to AT&T’s terms.

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Yep. I just checked the Canadian App Store and it looks like it’s been removed again. That’s really shitty. There’s absolutely no reason to not have that app on the Canadian store – tethering is not only permitted, it’s encouraged (as it racks up heafty overage fees.

Also I see the BoxOffice app has been removed. Again, a great, useful app removed for seemingly no good reason.

This bodes very poorly for the future of this platform.. Here’s hoping Apple can figure this stuff out and get it’s act together in the near future.

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