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How old were you moms when you had your first child?

Asked by MooCows (3190points) January 25th, 2017

I know many are having children a little older now.
Just wondering how old moms were. I was 33 with #1.

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Twenty one.

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My dad’s mom had her first @ 18, she got married when she was 16 (in 1926).
My mom had her first when she was 21 (in 1951), but she attended 2 years of college after HS graduation.
Mom’s mom had Mom (her first) in 1929 when she was 24. No idea why she was delayed.
I don’t have any children.

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I was 22.

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My mom war 23 when she had my older sister back in 1947.

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I’m 34 and have no biological children. I hope to have my first before 36, if I am so lucky.

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41 years old, natural delivery, natural conception, 45 hour labor.

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28 and my daughter is now 29 with no kids, yet, maybe never. haha

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I was a teenager when I had my first child, 19.
I was labeled an “elderly” mother when I had my second one 16 years later, 35.

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Dad here, my first child, my son, was born when I was 29.
Timing was just perfect for a number of justifiable reasons.

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Mine had just turned 19. I can hardly believe how young she was—and looked!—in my toddler photos.

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Jes. My oldest was just 16. Talk about babies having babies.

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I was 32

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