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Is Trump really as inerudite as he appears?

Asked by rojo (24169points) January 25th, 2017

He seems very uncomfortable with speaking, public and otherwise, and has a predilection for simple sentences and a monosyllabic vocabulary. Is this how he really is in person or is this a persona he adopted as a campaign strategy?

I have not seen many of his earlier interviews only those when he became involved with television shows. Was he the same twenty years ago?

I ask this in all seriousness and would prefer answers in kind.

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I don’t think he’s a well read or a cultured man but his speeches and his tweets are well calculated propaganda that use simple words and simple messages that can be absorbed without effort. One of the last things the outgoing president said was not to underestimate him.

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Seems like it.

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I think sometimes when he is going through the crowd and mouthing some phase; it is, “Fuck you”.

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His vocabulary and sentence structure seems to be at a middle school level.

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IMO I think it is all about how he perceives he must speak when speaking to everyone in his audience including those who may not understand English as well as the average voter or the less educated Americans again who may not understand fancy words. Obama had the same evolution from the rapid speaking community organizer who campaigned to become Senator to the more measured slower speaking President.

I offer this interview of Trump from 1988 as evidence of this transformation.

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Nah. He’s just freakin’ nuts.

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Of course, there is that old adage: “If you can’t dazzle them with brilliance, baffle them with BS.”

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@Cruiser I agree, the interview you linked he is a much better speaker, more poised.

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@chyna That is how I remember Trump in his early days…shark ready to strike when the moment was right. I do not believe he is any less lethal…just playing the part so he can appease any and all who might oppose him and get in his way.

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I followed the link and I did not find much erudition. Mostly single syllable words, simple grammatical structures.The same simplistic logic.. He barely covered his arrogance. Did you know that Trump does not read books? See @Call_Me_Jay‘s link. Trump says he does not have enough time, but he has plenty of time to watch television.

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He’s a blue collar guy and speaks as a blue collar guy. Eloquent he ain’t. If you want a college professor, we’ve had Obama. Maybe that’s why he has been so effective in connecting with blue collar workers. His education is respectable to say the least and his success is indisputable.

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He’s a blue collar guy

LOL good one.

Trump inherited a fortune. He grew up wealthy.

He took over the family business. His father left an estate ‘between $100 million and $300 million, according to different family estimates.’

‘A National Journal writer, S.V. Dáte, estimated’ Trump started with $40 million in 1974 when he became president of his father’s real estate company…In 1982, after running his father’s firm for eight years, Forbes magazine estimated Trump’s worth at $200 million.

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I just came across this article; What a hoot! I especially liked the tombstone picture. Trump needs to hire someone knowledgeable about black history, heck, history in general. I don’t think any of his cabinet plutocrats would qualify.

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