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Has anyone done a colon cleanse?

Asked by MooCows (3190points) January 25th, 2017

Wondering if colon cleanses are dangerous
or would be healthful. I mean an over the counter
one. Do you just sit near a toilet all day..what

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Not really necessary, you can just fast for a day on your own drinking lemon water and fruit and vegetable juices, that’s all you need to do to give your system a rest and clean out your intestines/colon.

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I mean, I drink Senna tea sometimes… I rather like the taste and the side effects are mostly a bonus.

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Nope. It’s totally bogus alt medical and comes with dangers. Don’t bother.

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It’s absolute horse-shit. A waste of money at best and dangerous at worst. It’s quackery.

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I wouldn’t waste your time, most “colon cleanses” are alt-med nonsense. There aren’t any health benefits. If anything, you just run the risk of dehydrating yourself and wiping out some of your healthy gut flora.
I’ve done bowel preps for colon surgery and I wouldn’t recommend inducing diarrhea just for the hell of it.
No matter what you’ve heard from internet “health” gurus, our bodies “cleanse” themselves quite efficiently. If they stop doing that, it’s a medical emergency, not something that can be fixed with herbs or vitamins.

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@ANef_is_Enuf Yes, that is what I meant to say as well but eliminated to do so. pun intended. lol

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I have not, but I know a guy who did it with coffee. I had to ask if he let it cool first.

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Colon cleanses are a rip off. They don’t really help you in any way.

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@cookieman: Was that an enema or a colon cleanse? We’re talking two different ends….

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worthless. But knock yourself out.

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@jca: I think an enema. He said it cleansed his colon of all toxins.

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I had one before a colonoscopy ordered by my doctor. I alternated sitting and not, as required. I would never try such a thing with consulting my doctor.

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@YARNLADY said what I would have.

The OTC health-food colon cleanses are bogus.

The pre-colonoscopy stuff (man, it tastes awful and you have to stay close to a toilet) is damned effective. It takes a couple of days for the digestive system to get into gear after that!

That’s as close as I have gotten to a cleanse.

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I think it’s a bit unfair if we discredit enema all together as it does help people suffering from constipation problem. Moreover, enema is ‘required’ when you wish to be the recipient of anal sex.

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From everything I have read, they are not necessary and can be potentially harmful. You can read what the Mayo Clinic says about colon cleanses Here

My mother had to have a colonoscopy last year. They give you the equivalent of a colon cleanse as a preparation for that procedure. She got severe cramps from the colonoscopy prep. I wouldn’t do it on a dare.

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