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Forgive me if this question is in some FAQs somewhere, but...

Asked by dalepetrie (18014points) August 7th, 2008

How old is fluther? When did it launch? Was there a beta period? What can you tell me about the history and how the community has grown?

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The Fluther founders are Andrew McClain and Ben Finkel, and Erik Michaels-Ober is a newer addition to the team.

I got them to pour their hearts out quite a bit here:

And I more recently joined the moderation team. It’s a great community here, I love it.

If you’re interested, this is what Fluther looked like Jan ‘07…
(it’s come quite a long way!)

I believe we have around 10–20k users? I can’t remember, and haven’t asked in a while. There are over 1,000 responses to questions every day.

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