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Did you see that the FTC cracked down on phone spammers this week?

Asked by LuckyGuy (38456points) January 26th, 2017

Are you getting fewer calls? I sure am!
Of course, my system has blocked most of them for years, but I can still tell when I get one. It is like night and day!

It’s about time! Why do you think it took so long to get these guys? Who benefited by allowing the calls?
Clearly the phone records were there.
FTC Busts Two Major Robocall Organizations

“The two main defendants in the complaints are Justin Ramsey and Aaron Michael Jones. Ramsey is purportedly an officer of Data Guru LLC, Tailbone Security LLC, and Prime Marketing LLC. Jones, who is also known as Michael Aaron Jones and Mike Jones, has claimed to be the officer, owner, and manager of at least ten supposed companies. Their companies attempted to sell home security systems, extended auto warranties, search engine optimization programs, etc. Both of the defendants have been in trouble with the law before. ”

” In just one week in July 2012, the defendants allegedly made more than 1.3 million illegal calls to consumers nationwide, 80 percent of which were to numbers listed on the DNC Registry.”

“According to the FTC, Jones made more than 329 million robocalls, including 32 million to numbers on the Do Not Call Registry in 2014 alone.”

Why did it take so long?

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I am getting more than ever on my cell. Up to a year ago I got none. The worst offenders are the ones who attempt to goad you into a conversation leading you to believe you are talking to a live person with lousy timing.

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You know who they’re getting your number from? The Social Security office. Or maybe it’s the IRS. I forget. But several years ago I started researching on how to cut back on them, and that’s what I learned.

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I keep seeing @Cruiser‘s avatar and, for a second, think it’s GailCalled.

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No difference. In fact, if anything, more on my cell than before.

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I just got a new phone number 2 months ago and the amount of BS calls is mind boggling. I keep saying I need to register in The do not call list, but I haven’t don’t it for that number yet.

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@Dutchess_III Out of respect for @gailcalled….

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My business phone is listed in a public directory. I really need to answer it.
The spammers grab numbers from there.
I used to get calls from someone using a caller ID that said “Intrepid”, a known spammer. They stopped cold.

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