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Are US citizens aware of all these actions?

Asked by Earthbound_Misfit (13108points) January 27th, 2017

I ask because it is possible not all of these actions are being reported or are widely being reported.

For your interest.

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“To access Tenplay, you must reside within Australia.”

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Those of us who are super, super, legit scared, are absolutely paying attention.

The worst thing about Herr Gropenfuhrer is that the things he is doing are right out in the open, and far too many of our fellow citizens are walking around in a daze of we have always been at war with Eastasia, we have always been at peace with Eurasia. Double-plus good. Big Brother loves you…

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Oh that’s a pity @ragingloli. It runs for over four minutes there are so many actions or I’d type it out. It just went on and on. I’ll see if it’s on YouTube.

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Try this link. Not sure if it will work.

Here is a link to their FB site, in case people can’t access the Pedestrian link.

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And I have no doubt that our Neonazis here will come up with excuses/justifications for all those things, because the Führer is infallible.

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You’re possibly right @ragingloli. It’s truly disturbing when you hear this long list of horror.

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We are, it’s all over the news so even those halfway alert are aware. Appears the game plan is to throw it out so fast nobody has time to react to it all so most of it will stick.

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You know how I feel about all this? This is how I feel.

I’ve been disappointed by the direction this country has taken since the first Nixon administration. I’ve been quite vocal about it. I was active during the Viet Nam War period.

Every time I thought it couldn’t get any worse, it did. By magnitudes. Nothing could have been worse than Nixon, then Reagan came along. Nothing could be worse than Reagan, then Bush II came along. And nothing—nothing in my wildest nightmares—could be worse than Bush II, and guess what?

I’m tired. I’m pissed. I’m done. I just want to be left alone. It’s somebody else’s turn now.

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We are aware and it’s too exhausting for me to worry about it right now. I’m keeping my eyes open, trying to keep abreast of what’s happening, but overall I’m in The mode of not freaking out when my freak out won’t accomplish much.

Trump has a lot of support right now, I think we will have to be patient, while at the same time voicing our opinions to our political representatives. People should be vocal, sign petitions, write our congressmen, and even protest, but if they want to be heard they need to be calm, to organize, and to vote.

If bad things start to happen as a result of Trump’s decisions and actions, that’s when we can pursuade his supporters to change their minds. If he does anything illegal or that blatantly endangered the country then we can call for an impeachment.

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We are aware of it. But it’s gotten to the point that Trump is like a giant inoperable tumor. All we can do is watch it fester and grow.

Sorry world…..

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We are aware of it but only in terms of single actions. I have seen nothing like this that shows the entirety and enormity of his actions in the first week. This should be required viewing for all American media outlets to show how it should be done and they should do it on a regular basis.
Although, you cannot say we were not warned that he would be a busy little fuck when and if he got the office.

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I am aware. I am resisting. I marched with the women. I have called my senators and representative. I’ve been harangued about calling other senators and representatives, but I know for a fact they do not listen if you don’t live in their district, so I do not call. I contribute to the ACLU. I will continue to call my reps as needed.

It’s a very delicate balancing act to remain engaged and to maintain sanity. I have to pick and choose my battles very carefully. I scroll past almost all pictures of that man on FB. I ignore a great deal of what’s merely there to entice a user to click so they receive advertising money. I rely on 3 very good news sources, The Guardian and Vox and The Atlantic.

I have one friend in particular who is near a breakdown, because she chooses to try to stay engaged with absolutely everything. She is very close to being completely ineffectual, because she’ll burn out.

To be blunt, the new regime is trying to dismantle the 20th century.

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@Hawaii_Jake Do yours even listen? Mine don’t. Being a libtard in a Red State all they do is pat me on the head and tell me “There, there. Don’t worry, we know better and will take care of it for you. Thanks for contacting us though. We will call you if we need any more input” or words and actions to that effect

Also did you remember to Set your clock back 300 years ?

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@Espiritus_Corvus and @MrGrimm888 Parrot my sentiments exactly. I create my own reality and pass the torch to those who still care. I do not. Just leave me in peace, where the deer and the antelope play.

Well….no more antelope. haha
Just last night I had to suffer through someone I know that I am working for this weekend going on & on about how Trump is going to whip things into shape.
A quickie call to confirm the plan for Sunday turned into a political podium for this person to unload. Thank God for call waiting and a telemarketer…” Oh, have another call, gotta go…” cut them off abruptly, hung up. I have never witnessed such insanity in all my life.

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I’m trying to figure out how i can make money on some of the inevitable moves.
Should I bet that corn commodity prices will fall due to a future reduced demand from Mexico.- $160 per ton down to $140 per ton May 2017.
Should I bet that international ETF will fall while domestic will rise?
Will Wallyworld stock fall due to decreased demand for cheap products from China and Mexico when the wall tariff bumps prices 20%?
Will a flood of Canadian oil reduce prices while increasing our trade deficit be enough to affect big oil prices here? Is it a safe bet that Exxon Mobil will do well no matter what the rest of the industry does since they are so closely connected both here and in Russia?
If a skirmish / war breaks out which stocks benefits?

I am a little ashamed to admit I’m doing this.

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@rojo Hawaii is very liberal. Our Washington delegation are all Democrats. Our state Senate has no Republicans any more, and there aren’t very many in the House. I suggest that your opinion matters even more since you’re in a red state. Make sure they know where you stand. Otherwise, they never hear another view point.

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I cannot view the link, but I am very aware and very concerned. I know that it may sound paranoid to say, but I truly believe that the bulk of US citizens are oblivious to the real danger headed our way. Everyone is exhausted. Everyone is overwhelmed. That is not a coincidence. Take care of yourselves first, always, but please do not become complacent. Please.

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^^I had the same problem but I went through the FB link @Earthbound_Misfit provided a couple of answers down and watched it that way. It is well worth the effort

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“Our Washington delegation are all Democrats.”

That’s excellent. So all of your US representatives are Democrats?

I’m in CA. Both of our US senators and our governor are Democrats, but I think a small minority of our US representatives are Republicans.

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@Brian1946 Yes, “our Washington delegation” includes all elected officials from Hawaii.

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@LuckyGuy Have you watched Billions?

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Thanks everyone. I’m hoping that list is just a demonstration that he is going to burn himself out soon. I really hope he does.

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^I would love it if he (Trump) were impeached.

I would prefer to be wrong about him,and see him do well. That possibility seems less likely by the day though….

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