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What are the best Mac shareware apps?

Asked by lmbme (1points) July 23rd, 2007

I'd love to know which Mac apps people like and think are easy to use and useful.

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In no particular order...

Adium (instant messaging client)
Growl (event notification)
Quicksilver (app launcher and more)
Camino (web browser)
VLC (media player)
Miro (media player)
iSquint (iPod/iPhone video converter)
Delicious Library (media cataloger)
TextMate (text editor)
TextWranger (text editor)
Wire Tap Pro (audio capture)
Transmit (FTP client)
Cyberduck (FTP client)
NetNewsWire (RSS reader)
NewsFire (RSS reader)
Cocoalicious ( client)
Fetch Art (iTunes album cover art finder)
Quinn (Tetris clone)

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JUST GO TO FREEMACWARE.COM It is the best resource out there!

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It's easy to find apps, but hard to find really good apps. One site that can help sort out the good from the mediocre is You can list the apps you use and see what other people are using.

Sferik's list is pretty good. Quicksilver (above) is the app I miss the most whenever I'm using a Windows machine or someone else's Mac. It lets you launch programs from anywhere & do a whole lot more.

If you want apps that actually cost money, I like Apple's Pages (part of iWork) quite a bit for word processing. It's a lot sleeker than Word. I also like TextMate as a text editor. And Yojimbo ( is a great... thingy. I guess it's an information organizer. I put stuff in it so that I can find it later.

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