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How to reflect cello sound to player?

Asked by MJShi (6points) January 28th, 2017

I am very hard of hearing and am studying cello. Hearing aids distort the sound of the music. I am looking for something to put in front of the cello to reflect the sound back to me so that I can hear it without hearing aids. Any suggestions?

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Do you have access to a microphone or acoustic pickup that would channel the sound back to you in headphones or ear piece monitor? Should work for your needs.

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I think you could modify a stethoscope. I would try it with a conventional stethoscope first, using the bell side of the chestpiece, as that is designed to conduct medium and lower sounds. If you are satisfied, I would replace the existing tubing (which is generally made from PVC tubing) with a longer tube, long enough to reach to one ear with an earpiece. I would suggest using only one ear, especially if you are doing ensemble work of any kind, so you can hear the other instruments and/or voices.

While the actual sound will vary somewhat from the sound projected by the instrument, I think it would be the closest you can get, and it seems to me that it would be truer than a reflective system.

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