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What should the perfect love letter include?

Asked by Earthbound_Misfit (13152points) January 29th, 2017

Valentine’s Day is on its way. I’ve never written my husband a love letter, so this year I’m going to rectify that oversight.

I’d like it to be a wonderful letter, so I’m asking for your help. So if you were to receive a love letter, what would your perfect love letter include? What themes? What ideas?

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To give it something a little extra special, write it in italian. Very romantic language.
Absolutely tell him exactly what he means to you.How happy he makes you and that you don’t take the time you have together for granted. We only live once and if you’re lucky enough to have found someone who makes you feel that way you need to tell them.

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The best love letter you can write has to come from you that way it can be personal unique and sincere. All it has to include are your feelings and for that it doesn’t have to be long. Sometimes less is more. Maybe you could describe the moment when you first realised you were in love and how you felt, then and now. I’m sure the words will come.

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OMG this is so cute I can’t stand it!!! <3

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Your heartfelt thoughts and nothing less and nothing more. You are fortunate this is your first one as you do not run the risk of repeating yourself.

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Write it with descriptions of how your beloved makes you feel, what your beloved evokes from you, the things your beloved does or says or reacts that are so endearing to you.

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Pure sweetness!

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Memories of silly things.
Memories of things you overcame together.
How you feel when you look at him.
What you see when you look at him.
How you feel when you know he’s looking at you.
How you feel when he touches you – on a good day and on a day that was rotten til he touched you.
How you feel about things he does for you – things he has to do and things he doesn’t have to do.
What you hope he knows about you.

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Never mind the letter – just tell him “I love you”, because life is short. But scream it at him in German because life is also confusing and terrifying.

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I like when my husband writes why he values our relationship and why I make him smile. Little cute things he looks forward to when we’re together. Things that are like inside jokes, but not necessarily funny, but rather what makes us, us.

Maybe a memory from when you first met. Little throwback memories are cute on Valentine’s Day.

If you like a serious tone you can talk about your part through life as a united force. Like the song You and Me Against the World. I feel like that lately with my husband. However, I personally would not get that serious on a Valentines love note.

If you’re good on the computer you can make a home made card with some photos of you two on the front.

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OK. Just write from the heart. Just write and write and don’t worry about spelling or anything at all. Just say what comes to mind without thinking about it. Then go back and edit. I can tell you that when I write, I find my best stuff comes with little to no editing. The more I edit the less relaxed and spontaneous the writing appears to the reader (because it is.)

Revisit old memories.

Just…Leave out the “Even though sometimes you’re an asshole…” part.

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My mom was very creative, and In her later years her annual birthday gift to me was a little photo scrapbook she’d compiled in an inexpensive school notebook, pictures dating from my birth to the present, many of them of just the two of us. Under each photo, in her handwriting, was a little caption, either a memory she’d had or a funny little joke about the photo. I cherish those little books.

Maybe you could do something similar with photos of the two of you collected over the years, with the last page saying something like… “AND THAT WAS JUST THE BEGINNING OF OUR LIFELONG LOVE AFFAIR” or something like that.

How’s THAT for a special love letter?

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What I would like to hear in a love letter is what the writer values in me and what they see as my best attributes. What we share that is unique and special to us. I’m not big on flowery sentiments but something that showed that you really knew and got me and loved me would be greatly treasured.

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Thank you, everyone. I do tell him I love him that I love him on a daily basis and he tells me. I just think it would be lovely to put my thoughts in a real letter. Something he can keep tucked away somewhere for times when he might need to read such a thing. We’ve emailed such sentiments, but these days, real letters are such a treasure.

I will reflect on what I need to say and take your advice as I bring it together. It won’t be too long, it will be sincere and about why and how he is unique and special to me, it will be handwritten and I’m sure it will include memories that are important to us. I have no need to avoid calling him an asshole. He isn’t one. I’m very blessed and can say he has never given me cause to consider him in such a light. It won’t be in Italian because I can’t speak another language and neither can he! I think if I tried to do that, the outcome might end up being amusing rather than sincere. I can only imagine the mess I’d make!

Thank you again everyone.

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@Earthbound_Misfit If you really want to do this in a special way then just as a suggestion would be to make a collage of photos along with your first letter of love to this special man. If you have never written your thoughts before….pictures are worth a thousand words.

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I have written my thoughts and expressed my love to him in writing before @Cruiser. I’m a writer. It’s what I do. But in this modern world we live in, I haven’t done it in a hand-written PAPER letter. When we first got together, we often used to use chat as a way of saying things we were uncomfortable saying in person. Much of that was about how much we loved each other, but it was in a digital format and those words are now gone. And we aren’t the same people we were then. Our relationship has grown and deepened. I want to produce a hand-written letter that captures how I feel about him now and I’d like it to be something he can keep forever. Without being overly soppy, he’s actually more romantic and sensitive than me in some ways.

While the photo idea is nice, that’s not what I’m going for. I just want to produce an old-fashioned love letter on paper in my handwriting. Think Napolean to Josephine, or Johnny Cash to his wife June or Robert Browning to Elizabeth Browning. He has photos of us. He is going to reciprocate and write me a letter too.

I just wanted to pick the community’s brains about what they would want to see in a letter from a lover. I’m sure I can do a fine job on my own, but it’s lovely to gather the thoughts of all of you intelligent jellies.

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@Earthbound_Misfit You are in for a joyful moment when you can put pen/pencil to paper to express in your own handwriting that will be a written record of why you love this man…happy for you!

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Many good thoughts are presented here.
Memories are great. They remind the heart why it loved in the first place. I would start with memories. I would also include trinkets. Use small items of varied types and textures. You could speak of some memorable time you saw a concert together, and clip a magazine picture of that artist/group. If you have taken nature walks together include a small feather (clean ones can be purchased at craft stores).
Anyway, the little trinkets are something he can fondle as he reads what they represent. It brings all the more life to your words.
Wrap it up by declaring how these various moments together, both bad and good, has solidified a love which started strong, and blossomed into something with a life of its own.

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Sex, humour & something that touches on an emotional level.

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Nowhere does it say that a love letter has to be all sentimental goo & shnooky wookums.
A married couple can throw in a bit of spice to liven the note up a bit, sexy can be classy & hit all the right buttons…win, win.

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@ucme Sounds like a page out of the Anthony Wiener playbook! XD

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@Cruiser Every man cave should have a copy :D

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@ucme To start a fire in the fireplace

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We have staff for the that, but still…

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An update on ‘the letters’. We wrote our letters and shared them while we were waiting for our meals to arrive during our Valentine’s Day dinner. It was really weird. They were so similar. My husband even said “did you read my letter?” I didn’t. I had been thinking exactly the same thing as I read his letter. His letter to me was so like mine to him. We covered the same ideas. We said we appreciated almost the same things about each other. His letter to me was lovely and he loved mine to him.

Another sweet moment was that the waiter came up while we were both sitting there reading letters and my husband told him what we were doing. And he said he loved the idea, had just got engaged, and was going to go and write a letter for his partner. So we inspired at least one more handwritten, love letter.

Thanks for your help guys.

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Love it. Thanks for the update.

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Such a lovely update. Thank you for sharing it.

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