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Do you have any moral objections to eating shark?

Asked by NerdyKeith (5464points) January 30th, 2017

Just wondering

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Yes. Shark fin soup wastes most of the shark.

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@RedDeerGuy1 What about shark stake?

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@NerdyKeith I would try it. Once unless I liked it. Along as the rest of the shark isn’t wasted. I’m always looking for more food.

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If I liked shark, which I don’t, I see no problem eating one, or many.

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I like shark meat, nice tasty firm white fish that is not overly “fishy” tasting.

Some species of shark have been overfished, but not all.

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Ditto. ^^^
I don’t have shark often, but it is very good. I have no qualms.

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My understanding has it that eating shark is not sustainable because sharks take a long time to mature (decades) and they produce few offspring.

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Morals? When it comes to fish? Jesus, Kieth. I eat what I catch and keep. Right down to the fins, tails, spines and heads. That’s what fish head soup is. It’s delicious and simple to make. And that is about 30% of the weight of a fish that most people throw away. I eat everything but the guts. Sometime’s I’ll even eat the liver.

I catch a lot of fish, but I don;t land a lot sharks. They’re a pain in the ass and hard to kill. You have to club them to death or they’ll fuck everything on the deck up, including any dumbass who gets in the way. They can do a lot of damage. Then there’s that Mercury thing. But a shark steak is nice. Firm texture and tastey. A lot of those scallops that are served to you in restaurants are actually shark meat punched out of a machine to look like scallops. LOL. A lot of people have eaten shark and don’t know it.

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They would have no issue eating me, so…

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It’s okay to eat fish, cause they don’t have any feelings.

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Yes, I do.
That is why I prefer eating humans. No moral qualms there.

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It tastes fine. It’s often served here by fish and chip shops. We don’t get cod, but we will often get flake (meat of various small shark species).

I don’t want sharks killed particularly, but if they’re caught and mostly eaten in their entirety, I don’t have any moral qualms about this. I wouldn’t want us to catch fish with low numbers, If their numbers were depleted, I do think we should stop fishing for them.

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No and have never had it, to my knowledge, but I do think Sharks are very cool and awe inspiring fish. @AnonymousAccount8 And…you know this for certain? Pretty sure flopping around suffocating to death doesn’t feel very good to a fish.

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@Coloma it’s a line from a Nirvana song.

Something in the Way

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@Coloma LOL alrighty then…haha

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To be clear, I’m pretty sure that fish have feelings. I think it’s a comforting lie that we tell ourselves that they don’t.

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No. But it depends on how hungry I am. Same with any species, large or small, rare or numerous, in season or out, protected or not.

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Roaches have feelings too, then.. I kill a lot of roaches, palmetto bugs. The big ones you in the north never see. They flop around, squirm in agony. Sentient in a way. I never hear anybody concerned about them. And few people eat them either.

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@AnonymousAccount8 the Monterey Bay Aquarium Seafood Watch has different ratings for different shark species. Some are red, meaning overfished, many are yellow, which is acceptable but not the best choice for seafood. And some are green, meaning good choice for eating.

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What’s immoral about eating shark if you eat most of it? I use to throw the fins head and skin away and eat the muscles.

Sharks are delicious! Best tasting fish that I’ve ever eaten.

I love to eat shark meat. I haven’t eaten any since the 70’s when I use to fish for “Brown Smoothhound Sharks” and “Leopard Sharks” off a peer in Eureka, California. I use to fill my freezer with this most delectable fish. It was sweet, mild and no bones. The taste and texture of the cooked muscle was like that of scallops.

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@zenvelo in fact I have their little pamphlet on my refrigerator. It used to be in my wallet.

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@AnonymousAccount8 You can now get it as an app for your phone, and it gets updated regularly.

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man, I miss that aquarium. Used to go there all the time as a kid.

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I can eat anything that is dead and well prepared.
Except eyes, brain, heart, stomach and genitals. Those parts I won’t eat, no matter what animal it is.
But I don’t discriminate against any species.

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I’m cool with shark and even horse. If presented the opportunity I wouldn’t be thrilled but I could down some puppy. Now that I think about it I think I would rather eat a dog than a rabbit.

I would have to be nearly dead to eat a cat.

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When I lived in Sweden, they ate a lot of horse. They mixed it with beef and made hamburgers, mostly. I couldn’t tell the difference tastewise, but the burgers weren’t as firm, kinda mushy. It’s funny, though. I didn’t see a lot of horses in Sweden like you do in the States. All they seemed to use them for was dressage and… Oops. Maybe that’s why.

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Pretty sure I’ve eaten it but it’s not a menu item I’m attracted to. Frankly, it’s the word “shark” that puts me off, not any moral objection.

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A lot of the fish in fish and chips in NZ is shark. I’m sure I ate it. Fisheries around NZ are monitored with quota systems and supposed sustainable fishing. The way they are harvested for shark fin soup is horrible. Illegal in NZ.

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I rather like shark.

Also, if you’ve ever had “scallops” in a casual restaurant in the US, you’ve probably had shark.

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@Espiritus_Corvus I remember my mom bringing home chopped horsemeat from the butcher as a little kid and feeding to our cats.

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When I catch them (if an unprotected type) I eat them. Never eaten a big one.

Shark steaks are great.

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