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Do you think the March for Science will achieve a productive outcome?

Asked by kenki (18points) January 31st, 2017

According to the March for Science, the intended purpose is to primarily bring awareness to climate change. I think this is pointless because people are already aware of climate change and it is still the lowest-ranked issue of concern worldwide source

The sentiment is the same for Americans only with a different order of prioritization. source

Climate change doesn’t even make it to the top list of fears among Americans. source

Do you think the march for science will be able to convince the leaders of America and its citizens of the threat of climate change?

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Only if media covers it. If not, it will be known to a few that live in the place were it happened, but the rest of the country will not even hear about it.

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It isn’t just climate change. It’s recent hiring freezes and censorship that is currently happening. The current government is ignoring data supplied and treating facts like they are subjective opinions. In ALL areas. We don’t want creationism taught in school. We want them to pay attention to studies done that show how to limit social problems like teen pregnancy and epidemics. Disregard for science is dangerous. Did you know that Trump has anti-vaxxers on his adviser list?

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A good article.

For all of you reading this on an iPhone, Steve Jobbs was the son of a Syrian refugee.

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I have no hope that our fuhrer will ever become convinced of anything that he doesn’t consider in his own immediate interests. He has hired advisers that are like him, more interested in their own careers than they are the welfare of the country or the world at large and won’t ever attempt to contradict him in his world of alternative facts. The King has no clothes, but none of his minions will ever tell him for fear of losing their careers.

More people will wake up to the rapid changes in climate as it affects them personally, but thsi is a slow awakening process and it may be too late by the time they demand good leadership. Snecki is right that these larger concerns are media driven. America can be driven into a frenzy about the most ridiculous things. In the meantime, the important stuff is left out of the news completely.

For the past 18 months or so, the American media has been Trump TV. He has dominated almost every minute of the 24 hour news cycle. Meanwhile, for example, Americans have learned nothing of the sharp right turn many European countries have made and don’t realize how this could affect them. They no nothing, nor are they interested in the fact that their greatest enemy, ISIS, has lost it’s main source of revenue in the oil fields of northern Iraq and now are being bombarded mercilessly in Syria. Few are aware that the polar ice caps have shrunk more in the past year than they have in the past five.

I’m not sure if there is conspiracy of some sort, an organized attempt to censor incoming information, but it sure doesn’t look accidental to me. I’m beginning to side with cazzie on this—another American living abroad who watches from afar while the people around her seem much more informed than the home country.

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Sure it will. And it will because the movement’s going to receive one hell of an endorsement from the climate itself. In fact there’s no longer any real debate as to whether or not the climate is altering rapidly. Deniers are now done to the second line of defense “there’s no proof that people have anything to do with causing or accelerating it”.

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It’s a nice, feel good idea. However it is utterly meaningless. The new administration does not care about science and even less about protest.

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It is one small step that will help delegitimitize Trump. Unfortunately Trump’s core of support is among non-college educated whites, so it is hard to tell what the overall impact will be.

I found it interesting that several CEOs protested Trump’s travel ban. Link Trump and his supporters are more impressed by money than by education, so maybe this will have some impact/

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I think you make an excellent point. All the more reason to make Climate Change move to the top of people’s concerns. (Not that anything can be done about it now, anyhoo…) Science could help people to understand that there is no “God” but that ain’t happenin’ either!

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As a non-College-educated white person, I say “FUCK YEAH SCIENCE!”

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All forms of protest will have an impact since the illegitimate president lives and breathes ratings.

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