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Why would a Kentucky inmate be transported through California?

Asked by raum (7964points) January 31st, 2017 from iPhone

Extradition? There’s got to a closer international airport though, no?

I’m asking because I just saw that an inmate from Kentucky is on the loose in Hayward, CA. Struck me as odd.

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He may have been arrested in California, and was being transported to Oakland Airport.

(I live in Northern California, just heard the area around the airport is being searched for the inmate who escaped.)

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That makes sense.
Back to Kentucky.

Whenever I hear extradition,
I think internationally.

Hadn’t considered they’d be considered a Kentucky inmate as soon as they were handed over to Kentucky authorities.

Silly me!

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You will get the story here It seems to be an extradition case.

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Transported from where to where? Hey let’s not forget the private prison systems. The fad now is for states to farm out prisoners to our low wage third world states with thriving private prisons. I didn’t think California was a participant in the fad.

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He was being taken back to Kentucky via San Jose Mineta airport according to the article I linked to above.

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